Cleveland Sketch Crawl 'Takes a Hike' This Saturday


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Each month, the Cleveland Sketch Crawl provides artists, photographers, and sketching enthusiasts of all skill levels with the opportunity to get out in the city, learn about Cleveland and draw some really amazing stuff.  The first Sketch Crawl I attended was in April at the Carnegie West Library.  Unfortunately, due to Free Comic Book Day falling on the first Saturday of May and being out-of-town next week, I wasn’t able to go to the last one and won’t be able to go this month either.   

However, for anyone who will be in town this coming Saturday, June 5th, check out June’s Sketch Crawl.  It looks like it’s going to be a very unique sketching experience as the group participates in the “Take A Hike” Saturday walking tour.  A program of the Historic Gateway Neighborhood, “Take a Hike” features 4 different, free tours each week during the summer.  The Saturday tour is of the Historic Warehouse District and meets at 10 am at Constantino’s Market.   

The Sketch Crawl will be walking along with the rest of the tour group, so it’ll be an interesting exercise in speed sketching and quickly capturing the impressions of various locations. There are some amazing artists in the group, so I’m sure what they draw, paint or photograph is going to be fantastic.   

Detailed information about this month’s Sketch Crawl — as well as a look at the events for the next few months — can be found on the Cleveland Sketch Crawl’s blog.    

I had a blast in April and definitely can’t wait for July.  Three words: Tall Ships Festival.   


Cleveland Sketch Crawl / Take a Hike Program 411:

Cleveland Sketch Crawl
First Saturday of every month at varying locations
Sponsored by Downtown Cleveland Alliance

Take a Hike Program
Event Information
Sponsored by Historic Gateway Neighborhood

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