Downtown tomorrow? Get Dim and Den Sum.

The Dim and Den Sum lunch truck serves up gourmet food on the go. (photo from Dim and Den Sum facebook page)


If you’re hungry and downtown tomorrow, keep your eyes peeled for a truck with a crazy-looking octopus on the side. Dim and Den Sum will be stopping by WCPN 90.3 IdeaStream to serve up lunch.   

Dim and Den Sum is Cleveland’s first gourmet food truck and offers a delicious walk-up meal for under $10.  Chefs Jeremy Esterly and Chris Hodgson met when they were both working at Shaker Square’s Fire, and took their act on the road earlier this year. For their unique menu items like the Curried Beef Burrito and Junkyard Dawg with Duck Confit Slaw, they use  ingredients from local farms and businesses.     

Tomorrow, the lunch truck has a full day of travels downtown. From 10am-3pm, they’ll start out serving lunch outside of the IdeaStream Studios ( E 14th and Euclid area) for Around Noon.  If you have some extra time when you stop by at lunch, join the live studio audience for the broadcast. With tomorrow’s Around Noon Open Air edition, Dee Perry hosts Latin jazz musician Justo Saborit, award-winning poet Lou Suarez, and comedian Mike Armstrong who’s performing at Hilarities this week.   

Afterwards, Dim and Den Sum travels over to City Hall at 3:45pm for a photo shoot and to serve food.  And then they wrap up the day at 5pm, when they’ll be cooking dinner at Star Plaza during a free concert.      

If you can’t make it to any of their stops tomorrow, Dim and Den Sum’s facebook page and @DimAndDenSum can help track down future outings.  The good thing about the truck is that wherever you meet up with them, it’s a consistently tasty way to break up the workday.   

Dim and Den Sum 411:
Dim and Den Sum on Facebook

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