Comic-Con Guest Blogging at The Creation of Adam


For those of you who know me outside of my blog, you’ll know that in addition to my love of Cleveland, there are a handful of other hobbies that I’m passionate about.  Probably at the top of this list, though, is my love of comic books and graphic novels. Scott and I have our Wednesday ritual of picking up the new releases from ASTOUND! in Westlake.  At antique stores and flea markets, we usually end up sorting through the piles of old comics.  And the majority of my office at home is filled with my collection of Incredible Hulk and She-Hulk toys, as well as my Marvel Mighty Muggs. 

Although I was previously able to combine my love of Cleveland and comics into a post on Free Comic Book Day, I knew that when I traveled to the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, a post about our convention roadtrip would probably not have a relevant home on Clue Into Cleveland.  However, thanks to my friend Adam, who kindly offered me the chance to guest blog on his site, I was able to finally find a home for my review of C2E2.

And so you can now check out my post – Comic-Con, C2E2 and Joe Quesada’s Nerd Rock – on his site The Creation of Adam. In addition to my post, you’ll find Adam’s perspective on all things pop culture and entertainment.

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