Guest Blog Post: A First-Timer's Guide To The Best People Watching Spots Coventry….

Editor’s Note: As I mentioned in my last entry, I’m taking a short vacation from posting and Elizabeth Grepp – friend of the blog – has graciously agreed to  write a guest post about her adventures in Cleveland Heights. If you also would like an opportunity to share how you’ve clued into Cleveland, shoot me an email at I’ll be back next week with your (un)regularly scheduled program.  

A first-timer’s guide to the best people watching spots Coventry….  

There are few things I love more than people watching. Living in Cleveland Heights gives me the ability to people watch from my very own apartment. It’s strategically located above some of the storefronts for prime people watching. Sometimes I’ll pull the blinds shut and peek out at passers-by. Sure, it may be a bit creepy but they don’t know that I’m watching them so I feel this gives me a pass.  

There are times when I do actually leave my apartment to do people watching and this entry covers only some of my favorite spots to scope out the local culture.  

For those who enjoy shopping and like overpriced t-shirts, I suggest a visit to American Apparel in all its hipster glory. Asymmetrical haircuts are highly suggested but not a must. This is where the coolest, and by some arguments also the skinniest, scene kids hang out. If you prefer hipsters from afar, there’s a stoop that’s not too far away (right by NEXT…which attracts a different sort of folk) where one could happily observe without being forced to engage in conversation. If you aren’t a fan of this type of people watching just buy yourself a scarf for the low low price of $22 and move on.  

Tommy's Restaurant, Cleveland Heights


If casual dining is more for you, then Tommy’s is your restaurant. Not only is the menu AMAZING (in the interest of full disclosure I feel I should mention that I am practically a vegan so my taste does not reflect the mainstream) but the people watching is second-to-none. There are the young kids who are only in the hood to shop at Big Fun and drink milkshakes but there are also families with kids who want balloons from Flower clown. He visits the restaurant ever Thursday from 5:30 – 8:30 pm EST to make animal balloons. It’s true, I’ve seen it myself. I suggest a visit that nite if you’re into that kinda thing. Though the crowd varies depending on the day of the week or time of year; it’s always eclectic.  

The Grog Shop is not only one of the best live music venues in Cleveland, in my humble opinion, but it’s also people watching heaven. It’s a microcosm of the weirdness of Coventry. The venue is small and holds at most 200 people. I base this on the mathematical equation of eyeball measurement. Because of the small size of the place, shows here are very intimate and offer the chance to get up close and personal with other people. Sometimes this is good but sometimes it means getting a beer spilled on you. Be prepared is what I’m getting at here. With the exception of a few bar stools it’s standing room only so if you do plan to check out a concert there and have sensitive feet I suggest flats for the ladies. The concrete isn’t easy on the body.  

In summation, Cleveland Heights is just the perfect place for people like me who like to sit back with a vegan milkshake wearing sunglasses on a Saturday afternoon [ep[;e watching; taking in Coventry in all its glory.  

About the Guest Author: Elizabeth Grepp
Elizabeth is a native Clevelander who has been an avid reader and writer for as long as she can remember.  Pursuing a degree in Public Relations and as a staff writer for her college’s award-winning newspaper, she was able to continue her long-standing love affair with comma splices.  A resident of Cleveland Heights for nearly 4 years, Elizabeth’s obsession with the area is driven by the good food, music and fascinating characters who visit or live there. You can follow her on twitter under the clever pseudonym @egrepp.

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