Jump Back Ball, Part 2: Getting Your Tickets Before It's Too Late


If the sold-out Jump Back Ball 2010 was any indication, it's good to get your tickets sooner than later. (credit Metromix Staff, from cleveland.metromix.com)

I figured if I’m going to write a series of posts on PlayhouseSquare’s Jump Back Ball, it’s best to start with the basics.  When I started thinking about whether or not I wanted to attend the PlayhouseSquare benefit, the first decision I had to tackle was which ticket type to purchase and how I could get the most for my money (what can I say – like most of you, I’m typically on the hunt for a good deal).

There are two levels to choose from: General Admission and VIP.  With general admission, the doors open at 7:30 pm and every guest gets dinner from Sammy’s, an open bar that goes all night, and access to all of the entertainment.

The pricing for general admission tickets will continue to go up as we get closer to Jump Back Ball — so bargainhunters like me will want to buy them sooner than later.  From now until January 31st, general admission is $140 for non-Partners, $120 for Partners.  From February 1st through the 14th, it’s $160 for non-Partners, $135 for Partners.  And from February 15th until February 26th, tickets are $175 for non-Partners, $150 for Partners.

The other option is a VIP ticket.  For $200 per ticket, VIP admission includes everything in the general admission level, plus entry to a pre-party that starts at 6:30 pm. This pre-party offers hors d’oeuvres, more open bar, and additional live entertainment. The food from the pre-party will be provided by AMP 150.

In the end, I decided to splurge for a VIP ticket. The decision to spend a little extra money came down to AMP 150’s presence at the pre-party, as well as the payment plan that PlayhouseSquare offered for anyone purchasing a ticket at November’s Ticket Sales KickOff Party.

Regardless of which ticket level you end up buying, the real reason to purchase a ticket to Jump Back Ball is that all of the proceeds benefit the mission of PlayhouseSquare.  Even with one of the most packed performance schedules in the region, show and concert sales do not meet the costs of presenting these events and maintaining the historic theaters. Additionally, PlayhouseSquare’s mission focuses on three other areas: maintaining a non-profit that improves the region’s quality of life via arts education and engagement and neighborhood real estate development.

It’s through events such as Jump Back Ball, as well as individual and corporate giving, that PlayhouseSquare is able to achieve its mission of ‘Life Changing…Changing Lives’ in the Cleveland community.  The sold-out 2010 Jump Back Ball brought in approximately $120,000 – making it one of the most lucrative fundraisers for the theater. This year’s goal is to raise $135,000.

After taking all of this into consideration, when you decide which ticket level you want, they can be purchased by going online or calling PlayhouseSquare.  The Partners group will also be hosting a Ticket Sales Happy Hour this Thursday, January 13 from 5:30pm – 7:30pm at Stone Mad Pub (1306 W 65th St.).  It’s not only a good opportunity to avoid handling fees when you purchase your tickets, but happy hour specials will include appetizers, sandwiches and salads for $5 and under, $3 cocktails including top shelf, $2 domestic bottled beer, and $3 draft beer.

If you can’t make it to Stone Mad Pub this week, still plan on purchasing your tickets soon since the event has sold out the last five years.  Regardless of whether you go with general admission or VIP tickets, “Passport to Party: Jump Back Ball 2011” is shaping up to be an evening of good food, free-flowing drinks and a fun trip around the world.

Jump Back Ball 411:

6 thoughts on “Jump Back Ball, Part 2: Getting Your Tickets Before It's Too Late

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  2. B

    So a friend (who is going to be my maid of honor when I get married in July) asked me last night to go to the jump back ball with her. We are two very classy ladies (lol, no seriously we are!) who love to dress up and have a great time. What should we wear? I have never been to a Jump Back Ball before but always wanted to go and can’t wait. Do we dress in theme or flowing gowns?? Thanks for any advice.

  3. Amanda Hicken Post author

    Good news is that you have your choice between either black tie or costume.

    This is my first time going to Jump Back Ball as well, and will be shopping for what I’m going to wear this week. I’m leaning towards black tie since I don’t have a lot of time to think up a themed costume. However, I haven’t settled on anything yet.

    If it helps, here are pictures from last year’s Jump Back Ball:


    This week’s post is going to be about the food and activities that will be there, but the week after that I’m going to post suggestions for getting ready for your evening. Check it out in case there is other helpful info in there.

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