Jump Back Ball, Part 7: Today's the Day. Are You Ready?

Tonight's the night - Jump Back Ball is finally here!

In a couple hours, a year’s worth of planning comes together and Jump Back Ball 20 gets underway. Needless to say, I’ve been counting down the days over the last week as we got closer to today – making sure I had everything I needed, doublechecking I hadn’t lost my tickets, and picking up Scott’s suit.

Yesterday, in the middle of our latest snow storm, I trekked downtown to the State Theatre for set up day. From 10 until 5, a group of Partners and PlayhouseSquare staff worked at setting up the decorations – stringing lights, putting together the various tables, and hanging the lanterns, kites and other decor we’ve been constructing over the last month. 

Sure, there were the few understandably tense moments as final tweaks were being made to the designs (though nothing compared to what I’ve seen in theatre tech weeks and dress rehersals).  However, things seemed to go smoothly enough and wrapped up early. 

It was exciting to see the individual pieces that had been gradually worked on at Shop Nights fit together into one comprehensive design. I was impressed by how everything filled the different sections of the theatre and brought the Passport to Party theme from a design on a sheet of paper into reality.

The best part, though, wasn’t just seeing eveerything come together, but also getting to talk and hang out with some of the other Partners. Looking back at shop nights and set up day, it’s rewarding to realize the number of people I’ve met and that I’m at a point where I feel like part of the group.

The Partners’ Jump Back Ball committee is deserving of a huge shout for welcoming in new members like Scott and I and getting all of the hard work done in time.  I look forward to seeing how it looks under the lights in a State Theatre filled by a sold out crowd.

Glancing at the clock, I guess it’s almost time to head back downtown. Many thanks to Tina and Alicia at Dante Lucci Salon for helping me get ready earlier (outside of the basics, I’m pretty incapable when it comes to hair and makeup).  If you’re heading to Jump Back Ball, I hope to see you there!  Until then, visit Metromix.com to vote for Jump Back Ball as Cleveland’s best fundraiser or feel free to look back at the previous posts in this blog series leading up to tonight:

I’ll post soon on how the evening’s festivities go!

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