Guest Post – Orchid Mania: Purple Reign comes to the Cleveland Botanical Garden

One of the things I enjoy about Clue Into Cleveland is when someone offers to share their CLE experiences with me.  So, when my friend Elizabeth asked if she could write about the Botanical Garden’s Orchid Mania show, I immediately said yes.

You may remember Elizabeth from her previous Clue Into Cleveland contributions: People-Watching Spots in Coventry and Celebrating Jewish Culture at the Maltz Museum. You can also follow her on Twitter @egrepp and @cleyogi. With our shared love of the Cleveland Botanical Garden, having her write this was a natural fit. Enjoy!

– Amanda


I love Orchids and I love the Cleveland Botanical Garden. When I discovered that the annual event Orchid Mania: Purple Reign was happening while a friend would be visiting it seemed serendipitous. I made an executive decision to Cleveland Botanical Gardensvisit while she was here. I then begged Amanda to write about it, even though she just wrote an entry about the place last month. She kindly appeased me. I visited with my out of town friend the first weekend in March.

The Botanical Garden was much more crowded then it has been during previous visits; a true testament to the popularity of the annual happening. The lobby of the Botanical Garden was filled with a temporary display of different types of orchids. Orchids littered both permanent exhibits in a photographer’s heaven. In fact, there were many people wandering the gardens with fancy cameras. Ours was not nearly as fancy but even an amateur photographer can get beautiful shots because the flowers are featured seamlessly in the exhibits. I absolutely loved the new twist and ascetic achieved through the addition of the lovely Orchids.

Anyone who is a member of the Cleveland Botanical Garden can participate in the sale of Orchids after the event. Color me jealous! Sadly, I’ve killed two Orchids in the past four years. After seeing more of these amazing plants, I was determined to give it another go; hoping that I really haven’t inherited my mother’s “black thumb”.

Luckily, there were vendors selling plants and even a glass greenhouse. Those who were participating were Borlin’s Orchids, Carter’s Greenhouse, Windswept in Time, Storehouse Tea Company and Boko Botanicals. I tried some of the tea from Storehouse and will be purchasing some of their tea from their website. I stopped by Borlin’s Orchids display, confessed my poor luck with previous flowers and asked what they’d recommend for someone like me. I spoke with a very knowledgeable gentleman. I am almost positive it was the owner Louis, who went through all of my different options. I opted for a kind that needs less watering. I must admit I don’t remember the type but I was told if I take good care of it that it will flower in another six months. So, I am crossing my fingers that in 6 months I will have taken good enough care of little Olivia that she’ll give me some more flowers!

I would highly suggest visiting the Cleveland Botanical Gardens during this event, even if Orchids aren’t your “thing.” Orchid Mania extends through the end of March. Hours for the Botanical Garden are 10:00 am – 5:00 pm and they are closed on Mondays. Adults are $8.50 and children are $3.00.


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