31 Days, 31 Reasons to Love Cleveland

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Why do you love Cleveland?

I enjoy a good challenge and I love Cleveland, so signing up for fellow blogger CLEGal’s WhyCLE? Challenge was a no brainer!

Inspired by Pretty in Orange’s May challenge to identify one thing that you love about your body every day, CLEGal’s challenge is to identify one positive thing you love about Cleveland every day. They can be big things, small things, personal reasons, or shared reasons.  The idea is to get you thinking about why you’re here and to promote CLE love.

Because I’m all about sharing ways to clue into Cleveland, I’ll be taking part in The WhyCLE? Challenge on Twitter (@ADHicken) as well as on my blog.

Each day I’ll tweet my daily reason to love Cleveland; then at the end of the week, you’ll get a recap on Clue Into Cleveland.

Since I need to catch up on the first 6 days of May, here are 6 reasons I love Cleveland:

1) We’re Believeland Even when we’ve been pushed down (whether it’s a less than ideal sports season, a tough economy or a nasty snow storm), we brush ourselves off, toughen up and look for creative ways to move forward.

2) There’s a lot to do … really: I’m surprised when I hear people say there’s nothing to do in Cleveland. From food to sports to museums and art, I’m never at a loss. I hope by sharing how I’ve clued into Cleveland, others will discover they can do the same.

3) Opportunities to engage: Cleveland’s an active city and there are plenty of ways you can involved. Volunteer at the Cleveland Foodbank or join a group like PlayhouseSquare Partners to open up opportunities not just to contribute to improving Cleveland, but to have fun while doing it.

4) Cost of living: When I first contemplated moving to Cleveland, the cost of living was definitely a factor. We were floored when parking for a night on the town didn’t equal what we spent on dinner. It’s allowed me to live where I want and do things I wouldn’t be able to in other cities.

5) Collaboration not competition: One example of Cleveland building community by collaborating instead of competing can be seen in the local food industry. With groups like Cleveland Independents and events like NEO Food Tours, Emerging Chefs, and C-Town Chow Down, many restaurants in the city have realized that it’s more sustainable to partner and grow together, instead of cutting others out.

6) Ohio’s blogger community:  I constantly find inspiration from the “blends” (blogger-friends) I’ve met in the Ohio Blogging Association. They help me figure out how I can grow as a blogger, and challenges like CLEgal’s provide me with new ways to clue into Cleveland.

I’m looking forward to sharing my daily reasons for why I love Cleveland. Follow me @ADHicken and read my weekly recap on Clue Into Cleveland.

Want to join in the fun? Sign up for CLEGal’s challenge on her blog WhyCLE.

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