My Guest Post on The Cleveland Sound: Eats and Beats at Rock Hall Chef Jam

I love a good change of pace so I”m happy to share that this week I was featured on The Cleveland Sound with a review of the Rock Hall’s Chef Jam 2011. The write up is a bit different than what I normally do with less of a focus on me and more covering/reporting on the event – it was interesting to get back to that type of writing and I definitely enjoyed it.

The Cleveland Sound was founded by photographer Michael Sawyer with the idea of “Showcasing Music, Art, and Culture in Northeast Ohio.” You can find reviews, interviews and information about upcoming concerts and events.

In addition to Sawyer’s photography (which can be seen in the Chef Jam post and throughout the website), the site features contributions from Pete Roche and Bob Ignizio (whose writing you can also find on The Cleveland Movie Blog).  

Chef Jam 2011 was an amazing night and I’m happy to have shared the experience on The Cleveland Sound.  I hope you’ll check out Eats and Beats at Rock Hall ‘Chef Jam’ and enjoy Michael’s amazing photography of the food and personalities that were there that night.

Thanks again to Michael for offering me another outlet to contribute to!

photo credit Michael Sawyer

(source for logo and photo)

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