Fresh Water Featuring CLE Bloggers

Looking to expand your Cleveland blogger reading list? Check out this week's Fresh Water. (Photo by Bob Perkoski)

After Saturday’s Blogger 5K and Sunday’s Blogger Night at the Orchestra, the past week has been all about discovering and reading new blogs.

The trend continued yesterday when this week’s Fresh Water came out.

Fresh Water is a weekly e-magazine and website that focuses on creative people and organizations who call Cleveland home. Recent articles I’ve enjoyed have included Child’s Play (on Clevelanders who turned childhood hobbies into money), Indie Spirit (on the Cleveland Independents promoting local restaurants) and a spotlight on Paula McLain, the local author who wrote The Paris Wife.

In this week’s Fresh Water, you can check out “They Heart CLE” by Erin O’Brien — featuring a handful of bloggers who are sharing their different perspectives on the city. I’m excited — and a bit flabbergasted — to say Clue Into Cleveland was one of these blogs.

However, this entry is about discovering new bloggers — so enough about me! There were a lot of great blogs featured in the article including:

  • Writes Like She Talks
  • Cleveland SGS
  • Mirandized
  • Cleveland Food and Brews
  • I Rock Cleveland
  • Cleveland Sports Torture
  • Bitter Orange and Brown

Check out the article to learn more about these bloggers and see some excellent photographs from Bob Perkoski.

And while you’re at, visit the Ohio Blogging Association‘s site if you haven’t already. Their directory has over 200 bloggers who write in Ohio — so there’s plenty out there to choose from. And if you don’t know where to start, the Blogger of the Week segment features a different local blogger each week.

While I know this weekend is a crazy one (check out Poise in Parma for an overview of some of the great events going on), find some time soon and discover a new blog!

(Photo source – Fresh Water)

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