Update: Emerging Chefs' C4 Reformulated

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Because a few details have changed since I first mentioned it last month, I just wanted to post a quick update about Emerging Chefs’ upcoming C4 Reformulated.

On September 29, Chef Matthew Mathlage of Light Bistro, AMP 150‘s Chef Jeffrey Jarrett, Rosander‘s Chef Brian Rosander and Bistro on Lincoln Park‘s Chef Pete Joyce will all gather under one roof for C4 – Reformulated, a mind-blowing dinner that will showcase each of their distinctive styles. 

This is fantastic news if you were bummed like me that you could make it to only one of the original C4 events. Now you can enjoy them all in one sit-down extragavanza.

The evening will be going down at Chef Mathlage’s Light Bistro (also home to Mixologist Extraordinaire Joe DeLuca, whose unique cocktails were featured at Mardi Gras en Mai).  Tucked away on Bridge Avenue (2801 Bridge Avenue to be exact), Light Bistro is a location I love because it’s close to the action of W 25th but still far enough away to give it a truly intimate, bistro vibe. Hopefully you can see for yourself on the 29th!

You can learn more and buy C4 tickets here.

Emerging Chefs 411:

 *** Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Emerging Chefs for the c4 event. As always, though, my thoughts and the choice of events I share are 100% my own.

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