Cleveland's LEGO KidsFest – Nov. 4-6

Nov. 4 through 6, the LEGO KidsFest comes to Cleveland to fill the I-X Center with demos and hands-on fun for all ages.

When it comes to checking out different places and events in Cleveland, there have been a few times where I dragged Scott along to something that wasn’t his ideal choice of spending a day. To his credit, he always goes along with me and makes the most of it.

For all the times he has put up with hitting the town when he’d rather stay home, there’s one event coming up in November he’s clamoring to attend: LEGO KidsFest.

During LEGO KidsFest, children of all ages can exercise their creativity in the different build zones.

Besides being an amazing, supportive husband, one of Scott’s most endearing qualities is that he’s a creative kid at heart. Part of that is his love of LEGOs.  He may not purchase huge LEGO sets anymore, but when we’re in Target we’ll usually make a stop by the toy aisle to check out the new LEGO products and games.

The LEGO KidsFest brings together all of the creative hands-on enjoyment of LEGO building in one family-friendly weekend. On November 4, 5 and 6, the I-X Center will host a slew of activities for children of all ages (even Scott) and builders of all skills and interests:

  • LEGO Model Museum of miniature and life-size models built entirely of LEGO bricks
  • LEGO Master Builder Academy for children to learn the fundamentals of design, engineering and art through LEGO bricks
  • LEGO Activity Area featuring audience-participation events like Master Builders appearances, games, trivia, videos and contests
  • Creation Nation where participants can build their own LEGO creation to add to a huge map of the United States
  • Big Brick Pile, DUPLO Build Area and LEGO Construction Zone for children to build whatever their imagination can create
  • Monochromatic Group Builds for anyone who wants to construct or add to a creation that organically evolves as everyone adds bricks of the same color
  • Race Ramps for building, rebuilding and racing LEGO cars
  • Mystery Mural Build where LEGO KidsFest attendees can help assemble a giant piece of LEGO artwork to be revealed throughout the weekend
  • LEGO Brickscapes — giant dioramas featuring mash-ups of dozens of LEGO and DUPLO sets
  • LEGO Games featuring LEGO’s newest innovation –  a collection of games that players can build, play and change

Master Builders will be on hand throughout the weekend to show what they create in the LEGO Workshop and help children learn about art and engineering.

LEGO KidsFest also includes a Marketplace where you can pick up exclusive items to add to (or start) a LEGO collection. It’s a great opportunity for some early holiday shopping.

The weekend kicks off on Friday, November 4 from 4 pm – 8:30 pm. There are two sessions on Saturday, November 5 and Sunday, November 6. On both days Session I runs 9 am – 1:30 pm and Session II runs 3 pm – 7:30 pm.

Tickets for LEGO KidsFest can be purchased here. And if you’d like to keep up-to-date with announcements about the Cleveland LEGO KidsFest or any of the tour’s other stops, a newsletter sign-up is also available.

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  3. James Waters II

    I look forward to the master builder presentations. My future step-son is a tremendous lego fan and it is a great way to connect with him.


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