Dolce Gusto Holiday Giveaway Winner!

I want this Dolce Gusto Carousel -- it even kind of looks like a Coffee Christmas Tree

Try as I might, I’m having problems getting into the holiday spirit this week.

Although I’m pretty much done my shopping, have planned our annual Christmas Eve roadtrip to meet my parents and sister for dinner, and have even figured out what we’re doing for New Years (a very low key evening of food and beer at Fat Head’s Brewery), a lot of this year’s festivities just seem like more items on my to-do list.

I know that’s the complete opposite of what I’m supposed to be feeling, so I’m hoping that Scott’s and my Christmas plans of putting together our new LEGO train, cooking dinner, and the Doctor Who Christmas Special will bring me out of the grinch-y mood I’ve been in the last couple of days.

Enough about my first world problems though!  You’re here to find out who won the Dolce Gusto Titanium Piccolo, aren’t you?

After placing all of the entries into an Excel document…

…and then using to pick the winnner:

Entry 85 — Mojamala2 has won the Dolce Gusto Piccolo! (Jessica, email me by this Friday, Dec. 23rd at clueintocleveland (at) gmail (dot) com to redeem your prize.)

Thank you to everyone who entered and thanks to Dolce Gusto for inviting me to offer this giveaway.  You can shop Dolce Gusto at or keep an eye on their Facebook page and @DolceGustoUS for deals and more giveaways.

As this week winds down and all of your holidays begin or have already begun, my wish is that you are able to take a moment to escape your everyday stresses and enjoy it! I know that’s what I hope to do.

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