Look Behind the Looking Glass, Part 5: The Finishing Touches

Last night's Shop Night where we put the final touches on our decor projects with time to spare.

The Day After Tomorrow.

Nope, I’m not talking about Roland Emmerich’s ridiculous, end-of-the-world laughfest (I’ll stick to Independence Day, thanks).  I’m referring to Jump Back Ball and the fact that I can’t believe it’s only two days away.   

Although I signed on to co-chair this year’s Jump Back Ball last Spring, it feels like we announced the theme and started planning it a mere month ago.  Meredith (my co-chair and a Jump Back Ball planning-expert who really deserves the credit for this year’s party) told me at the beginning it would speed by.

I think my smile may have been bigger than even the Cheshire Cat's after looking over the great job every volunteer did on Jump Back Ball's decor.

So while I shouldn’t be surprised it’s here (I’ve only had it marked on my calendar since last year!), I am. 

Despite a few times where I felt like I was on a runaway train, I’ve marveled at how it’s all come together and enjoyed being able to contribute to it.

Last night was my favorite moment so far as we put the finishing touches on Jump Back Ball’s decor. Tonight we’ll spend our final shop night preparing for Friday’s Set-Up Day — without the anxiety of franctically finishing any projects.

One of our many Alices who will be making an appearance on Saturday

When I took a step back to look at the decor we made. I was blown away by the efforts of the talented and dedicated people who helped out at this year’s Shop Nights (including fellow bloggers Why CLE?NIDHIZZLE, Eat Drink Cleveland, Cooker Girl and Finding the Time!)

Brainstorming decor ideas and then watching the to-do list go from paper to reality was a definite highlight. 

Many of Wonderland’s inhabitants will be making an appearance at Jump Back Ball on Saturday (keep your eyes peeled for my favorites — Cheshire and the Caterpillar). And Alice will be popping up here and there throughout the State Theatre (maybe even under your nose when you sit down to tea).

You can never have too many tea pots

With the end in sight, I wanted to send a huge thanks to the following people who kept me from going mad and made the experience – dare I say it? -  fun:

Worth repeating, the biggest praise goes to Meredith Seeley, my co-chair. From the very beginning, I was a self-confessed ’newb’ and didn’t have a clue.  However, Meredith’s advice and reassurances from previous co-chairing experiences were a key reason I enjoyed it all. The fact that she was really easy to work with and always encouraged my opinions helped too.

Scott braved the Jabberwocky to get this picture from inside its fearsome mouth

The Jump Back Ball co-chairs can only do so much, though. The Planning Committee’s 8 chairs were invaluable:

  • Thanks to our Ticket Co-Chairs Maurie Donnelly and Stacy Seeley, Jump Back Ball 21 sold out earlier than any year previous.
  • There are so many great prizes in this year’s Silent Auction and Raffle because of John Hagerty and Sara Radak‘s hard work.
  • And Mary Friedl, Mike JohnsonLance Todd and Mike Washlock deserve a tip of the hat from the Mad-Hatter himself, not just for coming up with fantastic ideas and designs but accomplishing every one of them with time to spare!

I’m grateful for this irreplacable Planning Committee’s leadership, the constant support from PlayhouseSquare’s staff and the rest of Partners, as well as anyone who volunteered to help. And I wish Saturday would get here already because I can’t wait any longer to see how everyone’s efforts will come together.

If Jump Back Ball is part of your weekend plans, I hope that you have a blast and say hi. 

Now if I could only shake the horrible sore throat I woke up with this morning, I’d be good to go!

One of my favorite decor pieces – Wonderland's Caterpillar

This is the last installment in Behind the Looking Glass. Want to learn more about this year’s Jump Back Ball? Check out:

2 thoughts on “Look Behind the Looking Glass, Part 5: The Finishing Touches

  1. Crystal @EatDrinkCleveland

    Thanks for the shout out – the Shop Night was fun! I hope that all those leaves I painted will help make the party super fantastic for everyone lucky enough to go :o ) The caterpillar is AWESOME! I have to admit I was doubtful when we were trying to superglue him but he totally rocks!

    And so do you! You’ve done an amazing job and it’s going to be a great party! I hope you feel better so you can enjoy the fruits of all your hard work. Take LOTS of pics!!


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