#WhyCLEWedding and Guest Blogging about Global Cleveland

The happy – and newly married! – couple

On Saturday morning, Scott and I woke up early, got dolled up in our dress and suit, and headed out to the eastside for “the wedding of the century.” Sorry, Duchess Kate, I’m talking about @WhyCLE and @TheRealCLEGuy! ;)

The day was filled with a very lovely, spiritual ceremony in the morning at St. John Vianney, with a reception later that evening at Landerhaven.

In between, Scott and I had lunch at the Willoughby Brewing Company for the first time with Teams Poise in Parma and Smitten in CLE, checked out the very unique wonders at Downtown Willoughby’s Cabinet of Curiousities and enjoyed a wine tasting with Cooker Girl, her husband and Eat Drink Cleveland.

The ladies celebrating after the ceremony

We rolled back into our driveway around 1am on Sunday morning after a crazy day filled with so much love and fun.

Landerhaven Executive Caterers really impressed – from the cocktail hour on the patio (Scott couldn’t get enough of the coconut chicken) to the grandness of the aptly named Grand Ballroom and the dinner they provided (it’s hard to choose but I think the mushroom/potato cake was my favorite of the many dishes).

I was probably most impressed, though, by the dancing skills of my fellow bloggers in attendance –  in addition to Smitten, PiP, EatDrinkCleveland and Cooker Girl, it was great partying with Wearing Mascara, Cleveland Food and Brews (who’s about to get married himself!), Miss WineOH and Lane Baldwin Photography.

This was taken after one of many marathon dance sessions — time to re-hydrate!

Scott’s and my “fierce” dancing skills  (I’m saying this with complete sarcasm) were nothing compared to many of theirs.  Seriously, there could have been (and should be) a Blogger Dance Off!  My money would be on Cooker Girl or @Hansmatic (it’s always the quiet ones who bust the best moves!).

The best part of the wedding, though, wasn’t the food or the entertainment. This was #6 of 7 weddings Scott and I have attended since October, and my favorite part about all of the ceremonies is seeing how each couple expresses their love uniquely.  It was a delight to share in Jen and Matt’s day and celebrate a truly compatible couple continuing their journey together.

Reception fabulousness with Julie, Kimberly and Alicia

Now that the wedding is over, the Romes (so awesome to finally say that!) are going on a much needed vacation, but WhyCLE’s not.  For the next two weeks, head on over and enjoy guest posts on Cleveland boutiques, food, running and a bevy of other topics.

I’m proud to be kicking things off with a spotlight on a great local organization – Global Cleveland.  After attending their newcomer and boomerang happy hour a couple of weeks ago, I knew they’d be the perfect subject for my guest post.

So head on over to Why? Global Cleveland! and learn more about how you can get engaged in this worthwhile initiative focused on building the region’s resources and talent, while fostering a community that is welcoming to all.

Why do I love Cleveland? Check out one of the reasons over at WhyCLE today!

Whether you’re a newcomer looking for employment and other Clevelanders to meet, a boomerang returning home to CLE, a local company looking to expand or someone interested in contributing their time and talent, there are many program available.

Congratulations again to the new Mr. and Mrs. Rome!

3 thoughts on “#WhyCLEWedding and Guest Blogging about Global Cleveland

  1. Smitten...in cleveland

    Team Smitten loves spending time w/ you and Scott. You also win my award for Fierce Dance Couple. Really. I will be crashing any future weddings you attend just for the show.

  2. Jen @ Why CLE?

    Thank you so much! Matthew and I love this post and are so happy you and Scott shared the day with us. You are fab friends and total dancing machines!

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