Guest Posting on Eat.Drink.Cleveland about "Strip"-ping

Head over to Eat Drink Cleveland for my guest post on Avon’s Strip Steakhouse

This week is all about guest blogging! First on Monday, I was over at WhyCLE, sharing about Global Cleveland and how the work they’re doing with newcomers and boomerangs is a reason to love this city.

And yesterday I jumped over to Eat Drink Cleveland with a guest post about an Avon restaurant that’s risen high on Scott’s and my favorites list.

Eat Drink Cleveland is currently enjoying the bright lights and long nights of Las Vegas, and while she’s gone I’m happy to share my experiences eating and drinking in Northeast Ohio.

With all of the restaurants Cleveland has to offer, it was a little difficult to decide on what I wanted to blog about; however, after a few recent visits to Strip Steakhouse in Olde Avon Village, I knew I’d have to share my steak-loving experience there.

4 words to wet your appetite: Apple. Honey. Bacon. Butter.

So if you haven’t checked it out yet, head over to Eat Drink Cleveland for Guest Post: Strip Steakhouse by Clue Into Cleveland.

And then come back here tomorrow for a preview of a few festivals going on in Cleveland this weekend!

The Cowboy, Strip’s 22 oz. bone-in ribeye

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