Back to Philly for a Liquid Nails Wedding

Ali gets married!

In 2000, three La Salle University students formed a bond that would hold up across miles and years. Being the theatre tech nerds that they were, they nicknamed themselves Liquid Nails one night during senior year. Inspired by the very strong construction adhesive and fueled by a few drinks of equal strength, two of them came up with the name to help calm down the third (this blogger) who was crying about how she wasn’t yet ready to face the real world.

“Liquid Nails: Holding the Universe Together Since 2000.”

The ladies of Liquid Nails – Amy, Angie, Ali, Jess and me

After graduation, the circle extended a little when they added 2 more to “Liquid Nails” to bring the number to 5.

I’ve now known Ali, Angie, Amy and Jess for over 10 years, a fact that still boggles my mind.

And although the friendship’s been tested by moves to Colorado, Chicago and – yes – Cleveland, it has triumphed and stayed strong. In part thanks to weekends playing Smash Brothers in the Poconos and email chains with pun-filled subject lines.

The question probably on your mind then is why am I sharing this decidedly non-Cleveland-focused blog post?

The happy newlyweds hitch a ride after getting hitched

On Saturday, one of Liquid Nails got married (coincidentally to another Liquid Nail’s brother!).

So Scott and I are on the road today heading back to Cleveland after a 4-day weekend of rehearsals, bbqs, plenty of partying, a beautiful wedding and a post-wedding brunch. (Gary and Ali are the only couple I know who would invite their wedding guests to their house the morning after their wedding!)

Because of this, I’ll be back on Wednesday with an actual Cleveland-inspired blog post. In the meantime, though, enjoy a few more moments from this weekend’s wedding and join me in congratulating the new Mr. and Mrs. Nickerson!

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Many thanks and credit go out to Jess for sharing the majority of these photos!

2 thoughts on “Back to Philly for a Liquid Nails Wedding

  1. Crystal W. (@EatDrinkClev)

    We know from the #WhyCLEwedding that you two really DO have the best dance moves! Looks like a gorgeous wedding. Love that you are the Liquid Nails – old friends are awesome! My bestie is in town this week. We’ve been friends 35 (yes!) years and she’s stuck with me for at LEAST that many more.

  2. Megan Colleen Yinger

    I’m so happy for Gary and Ali! Liquid Nails is such a unique group of ladies, and I’ve always admired you five (obviously, I know how Amy and Jess helped hold MY universe together on numerous occasions). Love the blog and I hope to re-visit the Cleve soon. :)


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