Morning Tea and a Date Night at the ZOOvies winner

Update: If you want a second chance to win Date Night at the ZOOvies tickets, check out Poise in Parma today. She’s hosting a giveaway through Sunday, August 19.


Did you know G4 plays back-to-back episodes of Quantum Leap at 3 in the morning? I didn’t, until today.

I hate waking up before my alarm clock, but I’ve got 2 posts I’m putting together today and at least I was able to enjoy a young Scott Bakula while I work. Between him and Doctor Who, I like my men with a side of time travel.

As I enjoy a cup of Irish Breakfast Tea, I want to start the morning off by announcing the winner of the Date Night at the ZOOvies giveaway.

So let’s cut to the chase! After counting up the entries and plugging the total into…

…the winner is Sarah @ Cooker Girl. Congratulations (happy blog-iversary, by the way)! Email me at clueintocleveland (at) gmail (dot) com.

If you didn’t win, not to worry!  Tickets are still on sale for the Aug. 24th event at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo.  For $30 per ticket or $50 for 2, enjoy entry to the Zoo, drinks, light appetizers and a viewing of The Breakfast Club. The evening starts at 7pm and you can buy your Date Night at the ZOOvies tickets here.

I’ll be back later this afternoon with a post higlighting a handful of events that will keep your stomachs full and palates happy throughout the next few months.

Why 2 updates today? This weekend I’m heading out of town to spend a week with my parents and sister in Virginia and there is too much going on in Cleveland right now to wait til I’m back. So today you’re getting a double dose of Clue Into Cleveland!

While I’m gone, I’m happy to have a few local bloggers guest post for me. But before then, come back this afternoon for one last blog post about a number of feasts hitting Cleveland this fall.

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