Jump Back Two Spaces: ONE Styling’s Hair-spiration

Dino Palmieri Salon in Eton (photos courtesy of ONE Styling)

As I mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I’m taking a head-to-toe approach in getting ready for this year’s Jump Back Ball.

That means getting the most difficult part — what the heck I’m going to do with my hair — out of the way before moving on to fun things like the dress and accessories.

I’m not very hair-savvy. Being a wash-and-go kind of gal, I keep my hair at shoulder-length because it’s easy to manage. Subsequently, it takes a lot of effort each year to plan how I’m going to style my Jump Back Ball do.

This year for Mrs. Peacock, I’m taking my cues from a few different sources. The good thing about a Clue theme is that there are so many versions.

While she usually sports a tightly coiffed short cut or an up-do like a bun, my favorite is Eileen Brennan’s Mrs. Peacock in the Clue movie – a loose, french-twist-like style.

I put together the below Pinterest board where I’m collecting a few hairstyles I like for my outfit.

I’m currently leaning towards the pin from Patricia Makeup Artistry, inspired by a style Taylor Swift wore (bottom row, center).

  • Mrs. Peacock in Clue
  • ONE Stylist Joel Gun
  • ONE Styling Suzie Bo
  • Tousled low up-do
  • Tousled, loose updo
  • DragonInk Rolled Upd
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I’ve found that when you’re used to a low-maintenance hairstyle, you need to turn to the experts for help with something more.

Fortunately for this hair-amateur, a recent event at the newest Dino Palmieri salon gave me some inspiration and know-how.

This past November, Dino Palmieri Salon and Spa opened up their latest location at Eton Chagrin Boulevard where they partnered with Solon, Ohio-based ONE Styling to showcase the first Dino Palmieri Blow Dry Bar.

Talk about getting pampered!

Dino Palmieri Shampoo Station

First stop at the Blow Dry Bar was a shampoo. Unwinding while someone washes my hair is my favorite part of visiting any salon.

But Dino Palmieri’s Eton location has raised the bar even higher. Their inverted massage chairs put me instantly at ease. The sink was also adjustable – no neck cramps here!

After my stylist tore me away from the shampoo station, it was time to order from the Blow Dry Bar’s menu.

Although the Eton location is a full-service salon perfect for Jump Back Ball, weddings and other special occasions, their unique Blow Dry Bar also offers quick styling for women in a hurry.

$40 gets you a wash and blow dry. Choose from a variety of hairstyles – curly, wavy, straight and sleek. They have blow outs for all hair types.

I went with a loose curl and my stylist did an excellent job, resulting in a fun, bouncy look for a post-salon dinner at Pacific East.

Much of this indulgent experience can be credited to Angela Presti, manager of the Eton salon, who handpicked the best stylists for her location (you can read more in this recent Patch feature).

Part of it also has to do with the ONE Styling tools the salon uses. After my stylist showed me a few blow drying tips with her ONE Styling dryer, they gave away ONE’s LEGACY Lite to try at home.

ONE Styling dryer, bubble wand, diffuser and other tools

After trying the LEGACY Lite Dryer the next morning, I was impressed by how much power it packed for being as light-weight and quiet as it is.

Though my hair is short, it’s thick and takes forever to dry. The ease of use and time I save on drying my hair makes the LEGACY Lite worth the investment. Plus, it leaves my hair much sleeker than other dryers I’ve owned.

Here’s a demonstration of the hairdryer from Celebrity Stylist David Lopez:

ONE Styling’s Verge Bubble Wand is another product I’ve heard only fantastic reviews about – giving curls that hold really well. I’m looking forward to picking one up to test drive a few Jump Back Ball ideas.

You can get your own ONE Styling tools at Dino Palmieri’s 8 locations (but call beforehand to see what they have in stock).

BONUS: They’re running a 20% off promotion January through February on ONE Styling tools and dryers (dinopalmierisalon.com/promotions).

This is part 2 in my Jump Back Two Spaces series. Check out my previous posts:

Disclosure: I was invited by ONE Styling to attend their Blow Out event at Dino Palmieri in Eton where I was also given a selection of hair and beauty products to try at home.

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