International Partners in Mission’s Namaste Night


There are many reasons I’m grateful for joining Partners, most of which I’ve blogged about before – events like next Thursday’s Bowling Night, the ability to support the theatre, Jump Back Ball.

But more than any other reason, it’s the friends I’ve made that keep me coming back.

I know, it sounds cliche. I’m ok with that because it’s true.

And what I love about this is how they’ve unexpectedly introduced me to so many non-theatre experiences. Whether it’s our membership chair Kevin’s avid love of local sports, being invited to go paintballing (which I promise I’ll try this summer) or learning about the Great Lakes Medieval Faire.

Then there’s International Partners in Mission, a Cleveland-based organization which a few Partners volunteer with.

I’m always happy to learn about a group that reaches the far corners of the world from our own backyard.

IPM partners with over 70 community-based iniatives, providing financial support, technical assistance, or training opportunities – whatever they need.

From a hospice center in India and schools throughout South America to a Kenyan Bride Rescue Project, the one thing that all of their programs have in common is their focus on children, women and youth.

It’s not just the other side of the globe that IPM brings hope and justice to; they also serve the needs of the Cleveland community by partnering with local organizations like Interfaith Opportunity Network and Esperanza Threads

A project of the Grassroots Coalition for Economic and Environmental Justice of Ohio, Esperanza Threads provides a co-op for low-income women in Cleveland to design, make and sell organic cotton apparel and clothing.

If you’re interested in learning more about IPM while celebrating the cultures they support, join them at their annual Namaste fundraiser.

Here are 3 reasons to attend the April 26 event and embrace the concept of Namaste – “the light in me honors the light in you”:

  • Namaste raises much-needed funds for IPM projects: The money from ticket sales and silent auctions will support community initiatives like Esperanza Threads. Meanwhile, attendees will also learn how to get involved in IPM’s Immersion Experience travel program.
  • Food and entertainment from around the globe – Fresh Fork foodies who have enjoyed his sauces, breads and mixes in their weekly delivery will be excited to learn that Clark Pope Catering is providing a world-tour of food at Namaste.
  • Beautiful location – All of this is against the backdrop of the Ariel International Center, Northeast Ohio’s newly opened center for international events and business growth. Ariel’s beautiful brick and wood-beamed event space provides a warm welcome for attendees.  And the panoramic views of the Cleveland skyline and Lake Erie aren’t half bad either. 😉
Namaste at Ariel International Center

Photos from Ariel International Center

General admission tickets for Namaste cost $50.  However, first-time attendees can enjoy a discounted ticket of $40, while students with valid I.D. can attend for only $15.

Buy your tickets now at

Disclosure: I was invited to attend Namaste in exchange for blogging about it. However, because I am unable to attend, I donated my tickets to be used in another giveaway. I only share events that interest me or I think would interest CiC readers. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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