Jump Back Ball 0023: Shaken at the State Theatre

Jump Back Ball 0023: Shaken Not Stirred

Jump Back Ball 0023 VIP Party

Glamorous women, well-attired men, martinis and gadgets. This year’s Jump Back Ball is one that would have put a smirk, if not a full-blown smile on 007’s face.

We started in the Palace Theatre lobby for the VIP party. JBB0023’s VIP sponsor was Chef Dante Boccuzzi, who wasn’t content just serving delicious food, but also impressed everyone with his playful presentation.

Seafood Salad from Dante Next Door at Jump Back Ball VIP

Dante Next Door’s Seafood Salad at the Jump Back Ball VIP party

The vegetarian sushi rolls, seafood salad with plump shrimp and scallop, and creamy polenta with tomato braised pork ragu were the highlights. Fresh ingredients and full of flavor.

However, it was little things like turning the sushi roll into a push-up pop and presenting the seafood salad in sardine cans that reminded me of the well-executed and enjoyable experiences we’ve had at his Dante Dining Group restaurants.

Ginko's sushi push-up pops at the Jump Back Ball VIP party

Ginko’s sushi push-up pops at the Jump Back Ball VIP party

In years past, I’ve filled up on food at the VIP party because I’d only want to grab a bite or two at the main event. However, one of the improvements to this year’s Jump Back Ball was a catered dinner by Driftwood and Chris Hodgson.

Every JBB guest was treated to crisp white asparagus, pieorgi, Shepherd’s Pie, and other hearty dishes, fuel for an evening of partying.

And that fuel was very much needed.

Playing Spy Hunter at Jump Back Ball

Playing Spy Hunter at Jump Back Ball

At JBB 0023, we played Spy Hunter, tore down the Berlin Wall, tested our flexibility – and sobriety – by navigating the laser gauntlet, and wrote down what we planned on doing before next year’s Jump Back Ball. “Become Batman” and “launch a comic book company” were my and Scott’s answers. Unfortunately, I think only one of those will happen before next February.

While our dance moves may not have been the best, the flutes of champagnes and various other cocktails helped (or at least made me care less). The champagne bar was my other favorite addition to this year’s Jump Back Ball and one I hope becomes a more permanent fixture.

Hitting the dance floor is made better by these ladies and a glass of bubbly

These ladies and a glass of bubbly are two ways to make my dance moves much better

Although the main stage band Your Villain My Hero was enjoyable, we really rocked out with Pop Rocks who played out the rest of the evening in the State Theatre lobby. You’d think we’d be tired by 10pm after partying since six; however, they helped us gain our second wind.

Of course, a post about Jump Back Ball is incomplete without a look at the looks of the evening. To complement the State Theatre, which was dressed in an incredible light show, Jump Back Ball’s guests donned glittering and elegant garb.

My favorite part of Jump Back Ball's decor was the emphasis on lights, which really highlighted the theatre's beauty

My favorite part of Jump Back Ball’s decor was the emphasis on lights, which really highlighted the theatre’s beauty

I loved seeing a few of my fellow Oddjobs, a beautiful sari dress, Q, a martini shaker, and my Man with the Golden Gun in full white tuxedo. I even ran into Bond, James Bond, ornithologist – the one and only Clark Pope of Pope’s Kitchen, whose bloody mary mix was put to good use the next day.

If you’d like to get involved with PlayhouseSquare Partners, the group that organizes and hosts Jump Back Ball each year, drop me a line. Or stop by our Partners Happy Hour this Thursday, March 6 at Battery Park Wine Bar.

The last couple of years I’ve ended my Jump Back Ball posts with a goofy picture of Scott. Until next year, I leave you with this:

Happy Jump Back Ball!

Hey, mom!

Disclosure: I’m on the board of PlayhouseSquare Partners, the organization that hosts Jump Back Ball. I also blogged about the event as a Jump Back Ball blogger.

39 thoughts on “Jump Back Ball 0023: Shaken at the State Theatre

  1. Katie O.

    Looks like a wonderful time! You looked absolutely gorgeous, too.

    I believe champagne bars should be incorporated at most functions in life.

    The closing picture is to die for as well. Too good.

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