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Guest Post: Smiles All Around in Oberlin, Ohio

At the beginning of the year, I had this goal to see more of Northeast Ohio and visiting Oberlin was top of that list. When we visited in May we enjoyed it so much that we took Scott’s parents there last weekend. Unfortunately, I spent the majority of this most recent visit in a cold-induced haze. So I asked Scott if he would share his love of Oberlin in a guest post today.

Oberlin Ohio Culture Fest

While my parents were in town I was excited to give them a proper taste of Oberlin. They’re retiring to the Cleveland region, and I’m always happy to show them how wonderful Cleveland and the areas surrounding it are.

What is it about Oberlin that makes me so eager to share it? At first it was hard for me to find a succinct way of explaining, but I know that it was when I heard the kittens mewing that Oberlin had its claws in me.

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