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This Thursday: Blogging Webinar Featuring Cleveland Bloggers @PoiseinParma & @MoninaW

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Join CLE bloggers @PoiseinParma and @MoninaW for this webinar I’m moderating on 4/2

Whether it’s been on Twitter  and Facebook or in real life at Ohio Blogging meetups, I’ve always counted myself lucky that blogging’s introduced me to so many fantastic and smart people.

I’ve shared some great experiences, developed dear friendships, and learned a lot.

That’s why, when it came to finding guests for a webinar on blogging, I didn’t have to look very far.

This Thursday, April 2, join me for a conversation about blogging with Poise in Parma and Ohio Blogging Association’s Alicia Hansen and Monina Wagner, community manager with the Content Marketing Institute and blogger at 37º and Sunny.

Going the Distance: How to Find Your Blog’s Focus & Avoid Blogger Burn Out will cover:

  • Tips and tools for structuring your blogging and maintaining momentum
  • How to consistently create fresh content and avoid running out of ideas
  • The importance of revisiting, refining, and refocusing your blog efforts

I’m excited to hear what Alicia and Monina have to say on the topic! 

The webinar will take place between 1 and 2 pm ET on April 2 and is completely free to attend. You can register at And when you tune in on Thursday, live tweet with us using #blogtips.

You can also catch up on a couple of my other posts on the subject here:

Clue Into Cleveland Blogs: The 12 Blogs of Christmas Edition

Bloggers and blog supporters at the Ohio Blogging Holiday Party. Check out some of these Cleveland blogs in this month's round-up.

Bloggers and blog supporters at the Ohio Blogging Holiday Party (photo: WhyCLE). Check out some of these Cleveland blogs in this month’s round-up.

I can’t believe Christmas is less than a week away! Before the big day, though, we have one more weekend of holiday shenanigans with our annual Tri-County Christmas dinner, followed by Prosperity Social Club’s holiday show on Sunday (if you read Tuesday’s post, you know how excited I am for that and why you should go).

This morning, though, I’m just taking it easy, curled up with a cup of hot chocolate, catching up on my blog reading. So let’s get started:

Clue Into Cleveland Blogs: The 12 Blogs of Christmas Edition

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Three Questions for the Ohio Festivals Blog’s 300th Festival

When I posted last week’s Cleveland blogs roundup, I left out one blogger who’s celebrating a milestone because I figured this deserves a post of its own:

Kristian Campana of (left) at the Pawpaw Festival

Kristian Campana of (left) at the Pawpaw Festival

After driving over 20,000 miles through almost all 88 Ohio counties, Kristian Campana of is celebrating his 300th Ohio Festival!

On November 22nd, he’ll visit Wooster, Ohio for their Festival of Trees.

This is the latest in a long string of festivals Kristian has attended, themed around pawpaws, skunks, pork rinds, twins, moonshine and giants. Along the way, he has entered eating contests, judged festival competitions, shared his experiences on radio and television, spoken at the Ohio Festivals and Events Association, and began writing a festival column in Edible Cleveland magazine.

As an accountant and Italian translator by day, blogging about festivals since 2009 has given Kristian the chance to use his Creative Writing MFA. 

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Clue Into Cleveland Blogs, Snow Day Edition

Reminder: Wednesday is the last day to enter my Compassion from Fashion giveaway. You can tweet daily for more entries.

Read up on GeekCLE and Every Bar in Lakewood's Doctor Who Watch Party, as well as the other posts in this edition of Clue Into Cleveland Blogs

Read up on GeekCLE, Every Bar in Lakewood’s Doctor Who Watch Party, as well as more CLE blogger goodness in this edition of Clue Into Cleveland Blogs

It’s been awhile since I’ve had time to do a Cleveland blogs round-up. However, there have been a more than a few recent posts and new-to-me blogs that needed to be shared:

Clue Into Cleveland Blogs, Snow Day Edition

#1 GeekCLE is your guide to geek culture in Cleveland – from info on local arcades and comic book shops to forums discussing the X-Men and tabletop gaming.  Check out their list of Free Upcoming GeekCLE Events, including a Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Party at Mahall’s.

#2 Reading about the Doctor Who Watch Party led me to the blog that’s hosting the event – Every Bar in Lakewood. Every Bar in Lakewood is exactly what it sounds like — one guy’s journey to visit every bar in Lakewood. I’m late to the game on this blog as his most recent review is Bar #49 – Johnny Malloy’s; however, I’ve been catching up on his other posts where you’ll also find info on Lakewood events.

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Clue Into Cleveland Blogs, Ohio Blogging Edition

Tremont Farmers' Market

Tremont Farmers’ Market

Last night, a handful of Cleveland bloggers headed to Tremont for July’s Ohio Blogging Meetup.

Before converging on the Lincoln Park Pub for Taco Tuesday and a chat about blogging, we browsed the Tremont Farmers’ Market.

I grabbed a peach and cherry pie from Gray House Pies and chicken paprikash pierogi from Pride of Cleveland Pierogies; however, my favorite treat of the night was a cucumber and mint popsicle from Popsmith.

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Clue Into Cleveland Blogs, the Very Overdue Edition

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Enter to win tickets to GHT’s Prophets of Smoked Meat Dinner and Dishcrawl’s Neighborfood.
All this go-go-go has me feeling like this lately

All this go-go-go has me feeling like this lately

I wish life had a pause button. Something that would allow me to take a breath when things are nonstop.

Since my first morning back from vacation, I feel like I’ve just been pushing forward, go-go-go, unable to gather my thoughts.

In addition to preparing for this weekend’s furniture move with Scott’s parents, I’ve been getting ready for some exciting news I’m announcing Friday.

One of the things that fell by the wayside was my blog reading – it’s been over a month since my last wrap-up. However, I made time on Saturday and Sunday to fix that.

Even if it was for only a few minutes, it was nice to get away into the Cleveland blog-o-sphere.

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Clue Into Cleveland Blogs, the Food and Fitness Edition

Before we get to the latest edition of my Cleveland Blogs Round-Up, I have some news to share:

A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of chatting about Cleveland on Mystery Meet’s Find Dining podcast and the recording is now up.

Find Dining Podcast featuring Cleveland Blogs

The Find Dining podcast is for “foodies who love travel and travelers who love food.” Each week, host Seth Resler picks a different city and talks to someone about their local dining scene.

We discussed Greenhouse Tavern and I gave a couple more restaurant and non-food recommendations along the way. 

Tune into: Find Dining – Cleveland Edition.

In keeping with the food theme, this round-up focuses on Cleveland blogs that made my mouth water the last few weeks. Bon appetit!

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Clue Into Cleveland Blogs, the Superman Day Edition

A few reminders:

  • Today’s the last day to enter my Tri-C JazzFest Giveaway. Enter here and remember to tweet daily for additional entries.
  • As I posted yesterday, today is also Superman Day! Here’s a story on NPR about Superman and Cleveland and here’s my #SuperCLE contribution:
Superman Day

Traveling Hulk got his hands on a red cape in honor of Superman Day. Up-up-and-away!

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about wanting to read more blogs and how I decided to start a regular Clue Into Cleveland Blogs round-up to get myself back in the habit.

I lied, though. I promised I’d be back every other week with this and I couldn’t even get past the first round-up without a delay. #BlogFail.

However, I’m a believer in try-try-again. So here we are – better late than never – my round-up of 10 posts I’ve recently enjoyed from blogs around Cleveland!

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Giveaway Winner + a New Series: The CLE Blogs Round-Up

After getting home last night from FablesCon, it was time to head back to reality today. But first, I had a winner to announce for the Market at the Foodbank giveaway!

After removing pingbacks and non-entry comments, the winner as selected by is…

Market at the Foodbank winner

… entry #5, Anne Smith of BikeCLE. Congratulations! Please email me at clueintocleveland (at) gmail (dot) com.

There are only a few days left to buy Market at the Foodbank tickets at a discounted price. Through the end of March, tickets cost $85. In April and at the door, they go up to $100. Learn more and buy tickets to the April 14 event at

Traveling Hulk wishes he was still at Fablescon

Traveling Hulk wishes he was still at Fablescon

As I shared yesterday, all I have for our time at Fabletown and Beyond is love. In fact, if I had to nitpick the weekend, the only problem had nothing to do with the convention:

It finally dawned on me that I’m too old for 13+ hours in the car.

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