Sneak Peek: Jump Back Ball Decor

Jump Back Ball - Jump Back Two Spaces Shop Night

Monday night’s Jump Back Ball Shop Night

Only a couple days remain til Jump Back Ball and this year’s co-chairs and decor committee have done an excellent job building a boardgame wonderland.

From Candyland and LIFE to Battleship and Monopoly, enjoy this sneak peek at a few of their creations for Saturday’s party:

If you’re free this Friday, February 22, you can get a closer look at all of the decorations (and help out) at Jump Back Ball set-up day.

Starting around 10am, we’ll be at the State Theatre getting the space ready for the next night. Even if you just want to lend a hand during your lunch hour, any help is appreciated.

While there are a number of other decorations I didn’t have a chance to snap a photo of (like the “Bottleship” project Scott’s been working on), next week’s Jump Back Ball recap promises to have plenty!

Jump Back Ball - Jump Back Two Spaces - Candyland Gumdrops

Jump Back Two Spaces – Candyland Gumpdrops

This is part 6 of my Jump Back Two Spaces series. Check out my previous posts:

6 thoughts on “Sneak Peek: Jump Back Ball Decor

  1. emma

    I had this forwarded to me by a friend in Avon Amanda – she’s very excited that one of my grown up Ts made it onto the internet :) Great post!

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