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Emerging Chefs' Garden Party at AMP 150

First, some blogkeeping: Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway for the Spring Fabulous Food Show! After placing the entries into random.org, I am happy to announce that entry #14 of 43 — Brian Musick — has won 2 tickets to this weekend’s show! Please email me at clueintocleveland (at) gmail (dot) com by tomorrow April 26 to redeem your tickets.

AMP 150 - host of Garden Party, Emerging Chefs' most recent dinner (photo from facebook.com/amp150Cleveland)

Having been on the road a lot the past few weeks, Scott and I have tried more than our fair share of hotel food.

And what we realized is how lucky we are to have a restaurant like AMP 150 in our own backyard.

On its own, AMP 150 would be a fantastic restaurant. Chef Jeff Jarrett, as did Chef Ellis Cooley before him, has designed a menu that is ever-changing with the seasons and offers dishes for both the culinary adventurous and those just looking for a quick and comfortable meal. Even better, no dish is over $20.

The fact that it’s located in a hotel, a setting where you don’t always get such a high-quality meal, is doubly amazing. Not only are Clevelanders enjoying Chef Jarrett’s creations, but hopefully also the many travelers who stay at the Airport Marriott while stopping in Cleveland.

Dinner with friends - CLEGuy, WhyCLE, Poise in Parma, Cleveland Food and Brews (and CFBgal), and Eat*Drink*Cleveland (photo from WhyCLE)

It had been a few months since I had gone to AMP 150, so when I saw Emerging Chefs’ Garden Party was going to be there, I leapt at the chance to attend.

This was not only the first time I had visited AMP 150 in awhile, it was also my first Emerging Chefs in as many months. The company works to create distinctive events around local chefs and bold venues. In the past, I’ve enjoyed their parties like Dinner by Design and Mardi Gras en Mai.

While we mingled before dinner, guests were treated to a “pork platter” from Washington Place Bistro’s Sous Chef Melissa Khoury. It featured flavors of dry-cured pork loin, fennel mustard and pork rillette and was a nice nod to Chef Khoury’s hosting of next month’s Emerging Chefs (more on that later!).

Spring Pea Soup

For the main event, Chef Jarrett put together a five course meal featuring garden-fresh ingredients sourced from local farms.

The dinner opened with a vibrantly colored spring pea soup. In addition to the beautiful electric-green coloring, the flavoring was equally resonant of the season. It was topped with a ramp creme fraice, lemon oil and pea tendrils.

I sampled the soup on its own before mixing in the creme fraice and oil. Either way, this was a beautiful dish and altogether one of my favorites of the evening because it really emphasized the idea of a garden party and the return of Spring.

Mushroom Mousse (photo from WhyCLE because I dug in so quickly to my own!)

It was followed by my other favorite: a mushroom mousse. As I’ve noted many times, I consider AMP 150’s mushroom soup the consistently best thing on their menu. It’s earthy and flavorful and that same quality could be found in the mushroom mousse, which featured Killbuck mushrooms and was prepared in the style of AMP 150’s chicken liver pate.

The mousse was coupled with a fennel cherry compote, whose sweetness helped heighten the savoriness of the mousse. Grilled artisan bread from Three Birds Bakery was provided to spread the mousse-and-compote blend on.

Goat Cheese Gnocchi

Next up were a goat cheese gnocchi and then a lamb dish. The gnocchi was accompanied by pork belly croutons, shaved asparagus, drunken fig jam and pepper cress.

While the taste of the Lake Erie Creamery’s goat cheese wasn’t featured prominently in the dish, I enjoyed the smoke of the pork belly and the pureed figs which had been soaked in red wine to make the jam.

The sous-vide lamb loin was paired with farro, fresh peas, cauliflower puree, and truffle oil. The lamb was expertly prepared – with an unexpected and delicious seasoning to it.

My favorite part of the dish, though, was a farro, fresh pea and cauliflower puree. The farro texture combined with the flavoring of the peas and cauliflower seemed to be a surprise winner with the entire table.

Lamb with farro, peas and cauliflower puree

We ended the evening with a baked apple barley pudding. Out of all of the Emerging Chefs’ dinners I’ve attended in the past, this was the best dessert. It was Chef Jarrett’s twist on bread pudding using barley instead.

The texture and taste of the barley was what made this dish work really well – a very hearty complement to the fresh Haymarket apples. It was topped with a delicate, crispy cinnamon tuile and Snowville creamery anglaise.

While I am not a dessert person, I enjoyed this so much that I may have stolen another bite from an extra serving that found its way to our table.

Baked apple barley pudding with cinnamon tuile and Snowvillw creamery anglaise

Although the food exceeded what I had come to expect from Emerging Chefs, I did find there were other aspects of previous experiences that were missing.

For instance, although dinners in the past had paired a wine or beverage with each course, Garden Party had a cash bar setup. This actually worked out for me, because I had been planning on not drinking that night.  However, if you wanted a glass or two of wine with your meal, it had the potential of adding significantly to the $65-$75 price of the evening’s ticket.

Additionally, the creators of Emerging Chefs will often set the dinner in an unusual venue to complement the event’s theme. Previously, they’ve transformed lofts, theatres and even cemetaries into one-night-only popups.

Although setting the evening inside of AMP 150 didn’t elicit the sense of ‘Garden Party’, I thought that Chef Jarrett’s garden-inspired dishes as well as bringing in a local farmer to discuss these ingredients balanced everything out.

Jeremy Lisy of KJ Greens in Andover (photo from http://on.fb.me/Iu0DtR)

Between courses, Jeremy Lisy of KJ Greens shared a bit about their farm, as well as how and when to harvest some of the ingredients that could be found in each dish.

I enjoyed learning more about planting peas and ramps, and as a fan of mushrooms was intrigued by his description of the unusually colored and tasting “Chicken in the Woods” mushroom (the name says it all).

It was a very fitting touch to hear from one of the local suppliers whose ingredients help make AMP 150 an excellent culinary destination.

In the end, although the evening did not feature all of the secondary elements of previous Emerging Chefs events, Chef Jarrett prepared one of the best Emerging Chefs menus I’ve enjoyed and it’s the chef and his culinary talents that are the focus of the evening.

Next month's Emerging Chefs - Snout to Tail on May 24

Next month’s Emerging Chefs dinner features Executive Sous Chef Melissa Khoury of Washington Place Bistro. On May 24, she will prepare a Snout to Tail pig feast at the historic Dunham Tavern. She will roast pigs right in the heart of midtown and prepare dishes that use the entire animal.

The evening will also include a special appearance by Chef Ellis Cooley when he pays a visit to Cleveland to team up with Chef Khoury once again.

Tickets are available for $65 and can be purchased at emergingchefs2012-3.eventbrite.com.

Disclosure: In exchange for blogging about my experience, I was provided one ticket to attend Emerging Chefs’ Garden Party. All opinions are my own. 

Emerging Chefs' Garden Party at AMP 150

Image courtesy of Emerging Chefs

I’ve made no secret of the fact that AMP 150 is one of my favorite restaurants in Cleveland. The awesomeness they brought to this year’s Jump Back Ball VIP party is just one reason why I love them.

Another reason is how Chef Jeff Jarrett and his team demonstrate their dedication to local, green food.  In addition to working with regional farmers and artisans to gather natural, farm-fresh ingredients, AMP 150 harvests ingredients from the hotel’s garden.

To celebrate the arrival of Spring and the replanting of their garden, AMP 150 is partnering with Emerging Chefs to present a Garden Party on Wednesday, April 18 from 6-9pm at 4277 West 150th Street.

Chef Jeff Jarrett, photo from amp150.com

Chef Jarrett has demonstrated a passion for farm-to-table dining for over 15 years in his restaurants. Every time you sit down for a meal at AMP 150, each dish – from the mushroom bisque to the rabbit or braised lamb – exemplifies this commitment through its flavor, freshness and innovation. He’s the perfect chef for a Spring-centric Emerging Chefs dinner.

With everything that’s been going on over the last few months, it’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to get to an Emerging Chefs event. However, when I read that their Garden Party would spotlight AMP 150 and Chef Jarrett, it was a not-miss.

Tickets for Emerging Chefs’ Garden Party are $65 for General Admission, $75 for the Chef’s Table. All tickets can be purchased at: emergingchefs2012-2.eventbrite.com.

And save the date now for the next Emerging Chefs dinner on May 24th – a Snout to Tail pig feast with Washington Place Bistro’s Chef Melissa Khoury and a special guest chef.

Disclosure: I was invited to attend Emerging Chefs’ Garden Party at AMP 150 but the events I choose to share and my opinions of them are 100% my own.

25+ Reasons to Buy Tickets to Chefs for Chardon

Dinner in the Dark’s Chefs for Chardon – March 19

As I mentioned last week, Cleveland’s chefs are standing in solidarity this coming Monday, March 19, with two events to support the victims of the Chardon High School shooting.

Although the eastside Chefs for Chardon is sold out, you still have a chance to get tickets to Dinner in the Dark’s event on the westside.

Dinner in the Dark’s Chefs for Chardon benefit starts at 6:30pm on March 19. AMP 150 is hosting over 20 chefs in a tasting extravaganza. Tickets will cost $65.

AMP 150 is located in the Airport Marriott at 4277 West 150th Street, Cleveland

If you haven’t purchased tickets yet, get them now. Here are over 25 reasons why:

Reason #1:
The most important reason is that all proceeds will benefit the families of the Chardon Shooting victims. However, while that should be the only reason you need, there are definitely many more.


Reason #2:
This month’s event is being held at AMP 150, home to Dinner in the Dark co-founder Jeff Jarrett. As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, AMP 150 is one of my favorite restaurants in Cleveland.

In addition to great food from Jarrett and management by Nathan White, the restaurant’s space is ideal for a large tasting event like this.


Reason #3:
The westside Chefs for Chardon is being presented by Dinner in the Dark, which is often described as “an open mic, jam session for chefs.” Each month they host a different dinner throughout Cleveland.

Dinner in the Dark typically features 6 chefs preparing a 6 course dinner that benefits a local charity hand-selected by the chefs. The organization has done a lot of great work for charities such as Providence House, Veggie U and Tremont’s Farmers Market, while offering a one-of-a-kind meal for Cleveland foodies.


Reasons #4-27:
Although Dinner in the Dark typically features 6 chefs, the latest list of chefs at this month’s event features over 20 – giving you another 24 reasons to go.

Many of Cleveland’s favorite restaurants are coming out for the tasting, such as Greenhouse Tavern/Noodlecat, the soon-to-open Hodge’s, Crop, AMP 150, Fountain, and Washington Place Bistro.  Check out the chefs and restaurants who are scheduled to appear so far:

  • Brian Okin – Fountain
  • Jeff Jarrett – AMP 150
  • Brian Reilly – Greenhouse Tavern/Noodlecat
  • Chris Hodgson – Hodge’s
  • Patrick Kander – Choice Catering
  • Kimberly McCune – Hungry Bee
  • Adam Bostwick – Hodge’s
  • Jim Blevins – Downtown 140 in Hudson
  • Anna Harouvis – Good To Go Cafe
  • Cory Hess – Lincoln Park Bistro
  • Wendy Thompson – A Cookie and a Cupcake
  • Ky-Wai – Tri-C
  • Melissa Khoury – Washington Place
  • Eric Wells – Skye LaRae’s
  • Scott David Kuhn – Washington Place
  • Lauren Stephenson – Crop
  • Walter Hyde – Fat Casual BBQ
  • Mike Nowak – Bar Cento/Market Garden Brewery
  • Matthew Barbee – Rockmill Brewery
  • Rachael Spieth – Georgetown
  • Backstage
  • Toni Stanislo –Medina Career Center
  • Johnny Schulze – Zydeco Bistro
  • Jill Vedaa – Rockefeller’s

With the tickets costing only $65, that breaks down to less than $3 per chef or restaurant. Even if this wasn’t a benefit, the variety and quality of food alone is worth the ticket price. The fact that it’s also going to support the Chardon community makes this month’s Dinner in the Dark a can’t-miss event.


Purchase your tickets to Dinner in the Dark’s Chefs for Chardon here.


If you can’t make it to Chefs for Chardon on Monday because of work or some other scheduling conflict (the only reason I won’t be there), remember that you can make a donation directly to the Chardon Healing Fund at any PNC Bank branch or the United Way of Geauga County. 100 percent of the money raised will help those affected.

Update: Emerging Chefs' C4 Reformulated

After you read this post, check out NEO Food Tours’ newly updated website: Over the weekend, we updated www.neofoodtours.com to make it easier for you to learn about our upcoming events and different tour types.  As our company and tour options continue to grow, so will the site.  Please take a look and shoot me an email at amanda@neofoodtours.com to let me know what you think.


Because a few details have changed since I first mentioned it last month, I just wanted to post a quick update about Emerging Chefs’ upcoming C4 Reformulated.

On September 29, Chef Matthew Mathlage of Light Bistro, AMP 150‘s Chef Jeffrey Jarrett, Rosander‘s Chef Brian Rosander and Bistro on Lincoln Park‘s Chef Pete Joyce will all gather under one roof for C4 – Reformulated, a mind-blowing dinner that will showcase each of their distinctive styles. 

This is fantastic news if you were bummed like me that you could make it to only one of the original C4 events. Now you can enjoy them all in one sit-down extragavanza.

The evening will be going down at Chef Mathlage’s Light Bistro (also home to Mixologist Extraordinaire Joe DeLuca, whose unique cocktails were featured at Mardi Gras en Mai).  Tucked away on Bridge Avenue (2801 Bridge Avenue to be exact), Light Bistro is a location I love because it’s close to the action of W 25th but still far enough away to give it a truly intimate, bistro vibe. Hopefully you can see for yourself on the 29th!

You can learn more and buy C4 tickets here.

Emerging Chefs 411:

 *** Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Emerging Chefs for the c4 event. As always, though, my thoughts and the choice of events I share are 100% my own.

Emerging Chefs' C4 at IngenuityFest 2011

After last year’s experience at IngenuityFest 2010, I’ve known I’d be attending this year’s IngenuityFest for months. Then I read the Plain Dealer sneak peek on some of the featured artists and that sealed the deal.  

If you still need convincing, though, here’s yet another reason:

Emerging Chefs’ C4 at Ingenuity

For 4 nights (Sept. 15-18), 4 Cleveland chefs who embrace 4 dynamic culinary styles will descend on the trolley level of the Detroit Superior Bridge to offer a brunch and three dinners in Emerging Chefs’ typical Big Flavor/Bold Venue-style.   And with IngenuityFest going on 3 of those dates, you can spend an entire day on the Bridge, enjoying the talents of Cleveland’s culinary and artistic innovators into the wee hours of the morning.

C4 kicks off on September 15 with Chef Matthew Mathlage of Light Bistro (who also played host to IngenuityFest’s Cocktail Redux fundraiser earlier this year).

On September 16, which is the first night of IngenuityFest, AMP 150‘s new Chef Jeffrey Jarrett will be spotlighted.  I just had dinner at AMP 150 on Sunday evening and am happy to say the menu was just as appetizing as when Chef Cooley was there. 

Chef Brian Rosander of Rosander plays host for the final dinner on September 17, and Lincoln Park Bistro‘s Chef Pete Joyce will be putting together a delicious brunch on Sunday, September 18.

The dinners on September 15, 16 and 17 will run from 6-9pm and brunch on September 18 will be from 12-3pm.

With each meal taking place on the trolley level of the bridge, guests will get excellent views of the city and river.  Between the views and the fresh air that cuts through the lower level, the bridge is seriously one of my favorite spots in the city, which makes these 4 events even more of a draw.

You can pick and choose whichever meals you’d like to attend.  Tickets are $55 for each event ($65 for chef’s table), but if you can’t make up your mind, Emerging Chefs is also offering a $175 pass to all 4 meals for the “ultimate foodie.”

You can buy C4 tickets here.

If you can’t wait til September for an Emerging Chefs event, get your tickets for August 19’s ReHival before they’re gone. It’s Emerging Chefs’ first annual “Return to the Earth” dinner featuring Chef Kimberly McCune at the rural retreat of Meadowlane Farms.

Emerging Chefs 411:

 *** Disclosure: I am an affiliate of Emerging Chefs for the c4 event. As always, though, my thoughts and the choice of events I share are 100% my own.

Gearing Up for NEO Food Tours' Kamm's Corners Market Series with AMP 150 – July 10

Part of NEO Food Tour's new Kamm's Corners market discovery series will include a horse-drawn wagon ride through the historic neighborhood

I don’t think I’ve ever looked more forward to a 3-day weekend than I am this July 4th holiday.  And while it’s partially because I love picnics and July 4th is always full of them, it’s mostly because I need that one extra day to work on my to-do list. 

I looked at my planner this week and July and August are going to be a revolving door of things. That’s not to say I’m not excited. There’s going to be my first 5k (7/9), IngenuityFest’s SpeakEasy 2.0 (7/15), Brick and Mortar Pop-Up with Chris Hodgson (7/11 and 13), a handful of trips to Blossom, roller derby’s season championships (7/16) and friends coming to visit. And of course – all of the blog posts about them!

However, I know that by the time August 18 rolls around, I’m going to be in desperate need of the trip to Virginia I’m taking for my birthday.

So this three-day weekend will give me the time to work on other upcoming stuff before the scheduled craziness begins Tuesday with a trip to see Jersey Boys:

NEO Food Tours

The big project right now is NEO Food Tours. Last Wednesday we wrapped the first Tremont tour and tickets for E 4th on July 20 just went on sale. With three of these signature tours under our belt, we’re expanding our line of tours starting July 10th.

The second Sunday of July is when we kick off our first Market Discovery Tour Series with the Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market Tour featuring AMP 150. It will be an ongoing series from July through October so if you can’t make it July 10, you have three more opportunities to join us on the second Sundays of August, September and October.

Seeing what Todd, Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market and AMP 150 have put together has me really excited not just to help promote the monthly series through community/media outreach, but also because as a food-lover and avid student of Cleveland it sounds like it will be a really unique tour to attend.

Here are a few things you’ll find on the tour (and tell me if this doesn’t get you excited because it has me really pumped):

  • Meet at AMP 150 in the Cleveland Airport Marriott with a mimosa toast (ok, I love AMP 150 and mimosas )
  • From AMP 150, a shuttle will take guests to the Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market (I have wanted to check out Kamm’s Corners for over a year now )
  • At Kamm’s Corners Farmers Market, enjoy a live chef demo and fare from the local market vendors (I’ve always loved our local markets and the idea of a chef demo sounds right up my alley )
  • Horse-drawn wagon from the West Park Historical Society guides the tour through the historic neighborhood (love history and learning about Cleveland’s different neighborhoods )
  • After returning to the Cleveland Airport Marriott, the culinary team at AMP 150 will serve a special fixed menu brunch (did I mention how much I love AMP 150 — so √√ and !)

Plus $5 from every ticket will be donated to Kamm’s Corners Development Corporation.  I know that Todd, myself and everyone at NEO Food Tours feel very strongly about supporting the community and giving back to organizations like KCDC, who have been active in Cleveland for over 30 years.

Check out our Eventbrite page to buy tickets for the Kamm’s Corners Market Tour with AMP 150. Tickets to the July 20 E 4th signature tour are also available on Eventbrite.

Scott and I at this year's Jump Back Ball

Jump Back Ball 2012

In other good (but busy) news, I found out last week that I will be co-chairing Jump Back Ball 2012.

I’ve written before about PlayhouseSquare Partners (if you’re interested in joining, let me know — there are lots of benefits in addition to discounted tickets). Plus, earlier this year I had a great time blogging a first-timer’s guide to Jump Back Ball

So needless to say — I’m honored, excited and admittedly a bit nervous about co-chairing.  Fortunately, because of my co-chair Meredith, all of the other Partners, and the team at PlayhouseSquare, I know that it’ll be a fantastic night of revelry!   More details will be posted soon and throughout the coming months as planning gets underway.

With the months ahead I can’t help but be excited; however, I first need this long weekend to plow through my to-do list. And while I’m at it — take in some beautiful Cleveland fireworks. 

What are your plans for the July 4th weekend?

(photo source)

Emerging Chefs' Dinner by Design

Dinner by Design lived up to Emerging Chefs' reputation for big flavors and bold venues. A tasty evening of fantastic food, chic decor and music from DJ Mike Filly.

On occasion, I like to splurge – be it a night out at a play, dinner at a restaurant I haven’t been to yet or a roadtrip. Regardless of what it is, though, my “splurges” all have to have the same thing in common: they need to offer a unique and very well-executed experience. Subsequently, when I heard about previous Emerging Chefs events from friends who had attended, I was definitely intrigued.

Emerging Chefs was organized to celebrate Cleveland’s rich and diverse food scene. They accomplish this by creating distinctive events around notable up-and-coming chefs, culinary trends, and destination dining experiences. One of these events is a series of dinners spotlighting a different chef in a unique venue each month. The chef designs a challenging menu that demonstrates the talent that has garnered them recognition, but also unique from what you would typically find in their restaurant.

Previous Emerging Chefs dinners have included ThEATrical with Melange’s Executive Chef Adam Bostwick, Sacr-licious with Executive Chef Jeff Fisher of Touch Supper Club, and Matthew Mytro’s Aphrodisiacs. After I couldn’t attend March’s ThEATrical since it was the same night as Twestival, I promised myself I’d attend Emerging Chefs in April.

Chef Ellis Cooley of AMP 150 created an unusual 5-course dinner plus dessert that re-examined the traditional shapes and forms of food. For example, my favorite part of the yellowtail and hamichai crudo was the re-imagining of the gelled celery.

April’s dinner featured Chef Ellis Cooley. As I wrote for Twestival and the February Ohio Blogger Meetup, Chef Cooley definitely ranks up there as one of Cleveland’s culinary rockstars. Although he’s known for mingling hyperlocal ingredients that result in interesting and affordable dishes for the Cleveland Airport Marriott’s AMP 150, his 5-course + dessert dinner at Emerging Chefs went levels above what Scott and I have had there before.

The evening was themed Dinner by Design and the food reflected this by reinventing ingredients into forms and shapes unusual to them.  For example, the 2nd course was a torchon of foie gras with a powder dusted on top. The texture of the powder was like powdered sugar. But as Chef Cooley explained while we ate it, it was actually foie gras that had been turned into powder through what I can only expect was culinary magic. Playing off the idea of powdered sugar, the dish was accompanied by a piece of funnel cake.  This was an enjoyable twist on traditional foie gras which is often complemented by a small piece of toast.

Although I loved the yellowtail and hamichai crudo (the freshness of the taste popped with the gelled celery), tender scallops with farro and squid ink (definitely a new taste for me), lamb loin with fava beans (did anyone else think Silence of the Lambs?) and the 7-part dessert (including hydrated honey and beet), my favorite dish hands on was the 3rd course’s Pea and Coconut Soup.

The 4th course: tender scallops with farro and squid ink - the farro was definitely a new taste for me but delicious and very well plated (as were all the dishes).

Because it was getting darker in the room, I couldn’t see the full color of the dish (bright greens, red, white) without the flash of my camera). However, the taste of it made up for that! It was incredibly savory with a dollop of homemade marshmallow that added a subtle sweetness to it. The crisp tuile was a very enjoyable contrast in texture. While I’ve always been a huge fan of AMP 150’s renowned mushroom soup, the pea and coconut soup blew it away.

Demonstrating the camaderie between Cleveland’s chefs that has always impressed me, Chef Cooley invited Melange‘s Chef Bostwick who could not attend his own event last month to put together an Amuse-Bouche (re-labeled Amuse-Adam) and an Intermezzo. The Amuse-Adam featured tomato leather, spring pea puree and bocconcini, topped with micro greens and chorizo oil. I loved the texture of the tomato leather and the chorizo oil had a nice kick that balanced with the rest of the dish.

For the Intermezzo, Chef Bostwick created a faux tequila shot. It was a mixture of cilantro, lime juice, jalapeno, agave syrup and salt in a hollowed out slice of lime and was better than any tequila shot I’ve had because it had a much more complex flavor without the alcohol.

Chef Adam Bostwick from Melange was invited in to prepare an Amuse-Adam and Intermezzo plate. The Intermezzo plate (seen in the staging area in the photo) were faux tequila shots whose cilantro added a better kick to the shot than any alcholic one Ive ever had.

This month’s Emerging Chefs location tied in with the food brilliantly. Dinner by Design was hosted in the currently unfinished top floor of Tyler Village‘s Building 44 (3615 Superior Avenue). Tyler Village is one of the largest downtown redevelopment efforts ever undertaken in Cleveland.

The complex we were dining in was once used to house the Tyler Elevator Company. Since then, Graystone Properties has coupled with the city of Cleveland to bring to life a complex filled with commercial/office space, retail, and light industrial spaces that really take full advantage of the building’s history and architecture. For instance, you can find a biotech firm in one area, a charter school in another and the Indigo Imp open-fermentation brewery (who – in a tasty example of synergy – provided a beer for the evening).

Fitting for an event called Dinner by Design, the top floor of Building 44 was transformed from a raw, unfinished space into a chic dining experience. With windows that looked to the skies as well as over the city, the evening started in natural light bouncing off the white 4-seat tables, couches and cubes. Although the room itself was an expansive space, the smaller tables made for an intimate evening with our friends Rusty and Jodi.

Well-placed blue lighting transformed the open space of Building 44's top floor throughout the evening.

As the courses progressed and the sun went down, the room filled with blue lights. It was such a subtle transition and the meal so engrossing we didn’t even notice until the space had completely transformed. The well-selected music that DJ Mike Filly provided complemented the vibe. Many kudos to Emerging Chefs’ signature partners Eventsource and MossMedia for creating such a wonderful evening that was well-worth splurging for.

Upcoming events from Emerging Chefs include next Thursday’s sold-out debut of their NEO Food Tours, a walking tour series of the Northeast Ohio region and its culinary flavors, as well as next month’s Mardi Gras en Mai dinner with Executive Chef Chris Quinn.

Want to read more about last week’s Dinner for Design, check out Why CLE?, Poise in Parma and Cleveland Food and Brews writeups!

Cheers (with this delicious lavender champagne cocktail) to Emerging Chefs for another great event!

Emerging Chefs 411:

It's Twestival Cleveland Time!

Just a quick reminder that Twestival Cleveland is tonight from 5-9 pm at AMP 150.  There will be tasty food and drink specials, as well as an incredible selection of Chinese Auction items donated by a number of very generous Cleveland businesses.

Admission is only a $10 donation to Cleveland’s We Run This City, 100% of which will go to the youth marathon program.

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, don’t fret! You can purchase them at our ticketing site ahead of time or at the door.  If you do purchase them at the door, we’ll be accepting cash only.

For the top 5 things you need to know about tonight’s event, check out the blog post I just put up on the Twestival Cleveland site.  (After many bouts of spotty Internet this morning, I finally caved in and drove to Caribou Coffee in Avon for tea, a tasty daybreaker sandwich and free wifi!)

Hope to chat with you there as we participate with 150+ other cities who are tweeting, meeting and giving around the world today.

And if you can’t make it, please make a donation to We Run This City.  100% of those donations also goes to the youth marathon program.

Ok, gotta go — few more errands to run before tonight.

Cleveland Twestival on March 24 at AMP 150

Join me on March 24th, 5-9pm, at AMP 150 for Twestival Cleveland 2011. 100% of the proceeds from this event will benefit a charity local to the Cleveland community.

Now that Jump Back Ball is done for the year and I don’t have shop nights to attend or an outfit to throw together, you’d think I’d take a break and relax.  You’d be wrong.

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be happy to be helping @KaseyCrabtree and @KimiKay coordinate this year’s Cleveland Twestival.

Short for Twitter Festival, Twestival uses social media for social good by connecting communities offline on a single day. Each city that’s involved organizes an event on behalf of a nonprofit that’s local to their community. The event is organized 100% by volunteers and 100% of all ticket sales and donations go directly to the charity.

This year’s Twestival Local will be celebrated across the globe on Thursday, March 24th and the @TwestivalCLE team is currently planning a party from 5 to 9 pm at AMP 150. With great food, a wide selection of drinks, and raffles and auctions, it’ll be an enjoyable evening where you can meet and mingle with fellow Tweeters and Clevelanders.

Most importantly, the evening will benefit a charity that is local to our area.  Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve taken nominations from the community for non-profits that are supporting Cleveland.  Thank you to everyone who nominated a group!  Now, the Cleveland Twestival team is in the process of deciding which nominated charity will benefit.

You can find out which organization is selected, as well as other Twestival updates, by following us on Twitter @TwestivalCLE and the Cleveland Twestival blog. On occasion, I’ll also be posting a few things here. I hope to see some of my Clue Into Cleveland friends and readers on March 24th!

Cleveland Twestival 411: