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"See you in September" – Farewell, Summer 2012

Superhero Hot Dog Races at the Indians – go, Wonder Woman!

With the exception of Saturday’s epic dinner at Greenhouse and a short stop by the Horseshoe Casino, Scott and I spent the long Labor Day weekend relaxing at home.

While we tinkered with projects around the house and enjoyed a walk down to the lake, the unofficial end of summer was the perfect time to reflect back on the season. And looking back I couldn’t believe how it passed in the blink of an eye.

This photo would’ve been perfect if I was looking at the camera

From back-to-back weddings in June (congrats, Jen and Matthew and Ali and Gary!) to fireworks at the Cleveland Indians, we didn’t let the heat stop us from celebrating summer’s festivities.

Putting our Cedar Point season pass to good use

Scott and I were grateful we became season passholders again for Cedar Park, where we said goodbye to Disaster Transport and hello to the swim-up bar.

And between all this, we squeezed in quality time at some of our favorite Cleveland institutions like the Zoo, Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad, and Art and Natural History museums for unicorns and krakens and dragons – oh my!

A few blue crabs went missing in Fleeton, VA that day

All of this culminated in our annual trip to Virginia where we picked a lot of crab, practiced our swandives off my parents’ dock, and I turned a year older.

The best surprise party a super hero-loving gal could ask for

My only regret? Not having time to make it to the pool – but there’s always next summer for that!

As fun as Summer 2012 was, I’m happy that my favorite time of year is finally upon us. I fell in love with Fall the first time I took a bite of pumpkin pie and it’s been a love affair I’ve cultivated ever since.

Watching Jason Mraz at Blossom

After squeezing in one final outdoor concert at Blossom, I’m ready for all that this season is ready to bring.  From football to Fall feasts, Halloweekends, hosting Scott’s family for Thanksgiving, and a couple of weekend roadtrips we have planned, there’s a lot to look forward to.

What are you looking forward to this Fall?

Leave a comment below and if you need some inspiration, here are 10 links to upcoming events that already have me in a Fall mood:

Cleveland Garlic Festival – Sept. 8 and 9 (this weekend!)

Clam Bakes – Now through early October

Cedar Point Halloweekends – Sept. 14 – Oct. 28

Sparx City Hop – Sept.15

Cleveland Botanical Garden’s RIPE Fest – Sept. 22 and 23

Geneva Grape Jamboree – Sept. 29 and 30

OSU Viewing Party to Benefit PlayhouseSquare’s Bus Fund – Sept. 29

MOCA Cleveland’s Opening Night HEX Party – Oct. 6

Put-in-Bay Island Wine Festival – Oct. 6

Cleveland Beer Week – Oct. 19 through 27

IngenuityFest 2010 Bridging Art, Technology and Cleveland

In addition to the art and tech exhibits, IngenuityFest 2010 also gave access to the tunnels and pipeworks under the Detroit Superior Bridge.

With the opening night of Othello and the Botanical Garden’s RIPE Festival, there’s a lot to write about this weekend. Regardless, though, I wanted to quickly post about my visit to IngenuityFest on Saturday afternoon. 

This weekend, IngenuityFest returned for its yearly celebration of art and technology in Cleveland. The last time I attended was two years ago down on Euclid Ave. during the first annual TikiCon.  This year, the Festival’s venue was the subway level of the Detroit Superior Bridge.  Connecting both the east and west sides of the city, Ingenuity’s exhibits and performances were held all along the bridge, the old subway tunnels and in the pipeworks. The mission of IngenuityFest is to expose audiences to educational, immersive, and sometimes challenging works of art and tech from Northeast Ohio performers and artists, high tech and engineering firms, and local schools including Case Western Reserve, Cleveland Institute of Art and CSU. As in years past, it provided a unique experience that engaged attendees as both spectators and participants. 

With a 22-page guide to the artists and exhibits, there is definitely a lot to check out at the Festival. However, I’ll have to settle with listing my top 3 things from IngenuityFest 2010. These were not just my favorites, but also encompassed the Festival’s cross-section of performance, visual arts, technology and interactive offerings.

"Bridging" by Cleveland-based Dancing Wheels and Inlet Dance Theatre

 “Bridging” by Dancing Wheels and Inlet Dance Theatre:  Scott and I started our day by attending the premiere of “Bridging,” a beautiful performance by Cleveland-based Dancing Wheels (the first physically integrated dance company in the country) and Inlet Dance Theatre (internationally recognized for its modern dance performances). With an electronic score by local composer Jeremy Allen and innovative choreography that employed wheelchairs and segways, “Bridging” focused on the benefits of exchanging different points of view in a community. The choice of the Detroit Superior Bridge as the venue also served as a powerful metaphor for the collaboration between East and West sides and all members of the community that is needed if the city is to grow.     

Mural of the Cleveland skyline as part of the Cleveland West Art League's Line of Sight project

Line of Sight – The Bridge Span Mural Project: When it came to visual artwork, my favorite examples came from the murals that lined the span of the Detroit Superior bridge. Along the bridge span, members from the Cleveland West Art League have been painting murals on the plywood planks. Some murals were stylized renderings of the Cleveland skyline or commentary on social, economic and ecological problems in the city; other murals were non-Cleveland-related graphic designs and paintings. Either way, the murals are a unique way to beautify the walkway. When you walk along the bridge span, you’ll also have the opportunity to get up close to IngenuityFest’s signature installation: the man-made, sixty-foot-long Lifeline Waterfall. 

Dr. Sketch's Doodle Bar allowed guests to draw and write on any surface of the room

Dr. Sketchy’s Doodle Bar: One of the unique ways IngenuityFest promoted audience interaction was through Dr. Sketchy’s Doodle Bar. With white walls, white couches, white tables and pedestals, the Cleveland chapter of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School provided a clean space and markers for attendees to sketch, write or doodle whatever they wanted. With nearby bars and djs, it was also a place where people could go to just hang out. The best part is that you didn’t have to be an artist to participate. Even Clue Into Cleveland left its mark along with a quick sketch of the bridge’s arches.   

Clue Into Cleveland left its mark on one of the benches at Dr. Sketchy's

 Some exhibits such as the Mural Project and Sketch Bar are ongoing installations throughout the weekend, other events are scheduled plays, concerts and operas. IngenuityFest continues today from 12-5pm. The schedule for Sunday’s events can be downloaded off of the website along with a map of the Festival. Also, admission is free, so it’s an inexpensive and easy way to experience the innovation going on in Cleveland. 

IngenuityFest 411: