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Giveaway: Greenhouse Tavern’s Prophets of Smoked Meat

I usually don’t run 2 giveaways at the same time. However, when you read about the Greenhouse Tavern Prophets of Smoked Meat giveaway, you’ll understand why I couldn’t pass it up.

Because this week’s a little crazy, Scott stepped in to blog about it. With his love of meat, I think it was the perfect match! Remember to also enter my Dishcrawl’s Neighborfood giveaway.

Greenhouse Tavern pig roast

Scott at a Greenhouse Tavern patio party and pig roast

Oh, Cleveland, how much do I love meat?  That’s not a rhetorical question, start guessing!

See, I’ve always been a fan of meat. But if you’ve ever had the “privilege” of dining with me (quotation marks added by Amanda for sake of accuracy), you’ll know my past preference for carnivorous cuts was far from adventurous.

My orders of steaks, burgers, ribs, fillets, and others were always safe, straightforward, and plain.

Cleveland, you’ve shown me the better path.

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Giveaway: Dishcrawl Cleveland’s Neighborfood

Dishcrawl Cleveland's Menu of Non-Profits to Benefit at Neighborfood

Dishcrawl Cleveland’s “Menu” of Nonprofits Benefiting from Neighborfood

Cleveland is filled with so many incredible nonprofits that it can sometimes be difficult to choose how to give back to the community.

Not the worst problem to have, I know. But Neighborfood, a new event on June 22 from food tour company Dishcrawl Cleveland, wants to make it a little easier for us.

With a literal “menu” of local nonprofits to choose from, a portion of each ticket goes to community causes while showing off one of Northeast Ohio’s delicious neighborhoods.

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Giveaway: Provenance at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Provenance at the Cleveland Museum of Art - Mushroom and Leek Cake

Mushroom and Leek Cake at Cleveland Museum of Art’s Provenance

With the expansion of the East Wing, the renovation of the 1916 galleries, and the addition of the beautiful Ames Atrium, the Cleveland Museum of Art has been elevated in recent years from a revered cultural institution to a work of art itself.

To complement the stunning renovation, the Museum has also rolled out community programming like its interactive, 12,000-square-foot Gallery One and monthly MIX Nights.

It was hard to think of anything that could make the Cleveland Museum of Art even better, until Provenance opened at the end of 2012.

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Cleveland Magazine’s Silver Spoon Awards Giveaway

Cleveland Magazine's Silver Spoon Awards Party to benefit the Arthritis Foundation

Silver Spoon 2013: May 15, 6-9pm

This May, Cleveland Magazine unveils their list of Northeast Ohio’s “Best Restaurants” as voted on by readers – from Best BBQ and Sunday Brunch to Best Small Plates and Wine List in the city.

The winning restaurants are then invited to showcase a signature dish at the Silver Spoon Awards Party on May 15.

I volunteered at Silver Spoon a couple years ago and I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s in my top 2 of favorite Cleveland tasting events.

And this year I’m downright giddy to host a
Silver Spoon Awards Party Giveaway!

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Tri-C JazzFest Giveaway: Lionel Loueke Trio at MOCA

Tri-C JazzFest

Cleveland’s Tri-C JazzFest, April 19-27, 2013

In January, I blogged about coming up with my Cleveland “bucket list” for the year – new-to-me places or events I’ve wanted to, but haven’t yet explored.

I’m glad to be able to cross one off my list in a couple weeks: the Tri-C Jazz Festival.

What started in 1980 as a weekend event, has transformed into 10 days of jazzing up Cleveland.

Staying true to its roots, Tri-C JazzFest brings world-class, awarding-winning Jazz musicians to Cleveland while fostering the history and nurturing the future of Jazz.

What this means for you and me is a line-up of funky, fantastic, and unforgettable concerts throughout downtown and the Cleveland neighborhoods.

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GIVEAWAY: MedWish Celebrates 20 Years at Band Aid Bash

Band Aid Bash MedWish

Enter to win 2 tickets to MedWish’s Band Aid Bash

Last November I had the chance to spend the morning at MedWish for a Blogger Volunteer Day.  Although it meant waking up before 6am on a Saturday, getting to see the effects of MedWish’s unique mission was more than worth it.

In Northeast Ohio, we are very lucky that our hospitals are filled with an abundance of medical supplies. Unfortunately, there are many areas of the world where this is not the case and doctors have to make do with things like fishing line instead of sutures.

MedWish strives to match these healthcare professionals with the 500,000+ pounds of usable surplus that come through their door each year. However, to keep these supplies out of landfills and get them to the doctors, nurses and humanitarians that need them, MedWish needs both our time and financial support.

Which is where you and MedWish’s BAND AID BASH come in.

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Giveaway: Win 2 tickets to Market at the Foodbank

Market at the Foodbank

Win tickets to Harvest for Hunger’s annual fundraiser Market at the Foodbank, April 14

Over the last year, I’ve really enjoyed getting involved with the Cleveland Foodbank’s new volunteer group, YP Pantry.

I had volunteered at the Foodbank a few times previously with the Ohio Blogging Association. However, YP Pantry’s monthly volunteer and social events have been about much more than getting to know other Cleveland young professionals (although that has been fun).

It’s been an awakening experience thanks to the staff at the Foodbank and member agencies like Trinity Lutheran Church – helping me better understand the effects of hunger on Northeast Ohio.

Witnessing how wide-reaching hunger is and how it can affect all of us has given me a much stronger appreciation for programs like Harvest for Hunger, whose goal in 2013 is to raise over 16 million meals.

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GIVEAWAY: Girls’ Day Out at PlayhouseSquare’s SPANK!

One of my favorite Girls Days Out from last year at Jen’s wedding

UPDATE: In addition to entering my giveaway below for SPANK! at PlayhouseSquare, you can increase your chances of winning by checking out Smitten in Cleveland’sWhyCLE’s and Life in the CLE’s giveaways going on now.


I find that when I need to blow off steam, a Girls’ Night (or Day) Out is the best remedy – whether it’s yoga with Poise in Parma or @CLEYogi, or a Sunday of Les Mis, crafting and Downton Abbey.

If you want to make like Cyndi Lauper and have fun, I have 2 upcoming girls’ nights and a giveaway for you:

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A Merry Cleveland Christmas + Giveaway Winners

So I may have gotten a little *too* into my first White Elephant Exchange

Merry Christmas!

While I feel like Cleveland is my home 364 days out of the year, Christmas is the one day where things feel a little out of place because our family isn’t here.

Today, for instance, has consisted of a quiet day of Scott and I playing Marvel vs Capcom 3 (I won!), exchanging tidings with our families over the phone, and enjoying the new Doctor Who Christmas special later on.

There are a few upsides to this. We’re able to relax, plus not being with everyone on Christmas Day has given rise to new holiday family traditions.

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CLE Reads: Damn Right I’m From Cleveland

Dec. CLE Read: Damn Right I’m From Cleveland by Mike Polk Jr.

UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to the winners!

Between the usual stress of the holidays and what happened last week, I don’t think I’m alone in thinking we could all use a little laughter right now.

So I figured I’d pick a book for my December CLE Read that lightens the mood. And there was Mike Polk Jr.’s Damn Right I’m From Cleveland to the rescue.

If you’re a Clevelander who spends any amount of time online (which I assume you do since you’re on a blog right now), you’re likely familiar with Polk’s Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video.

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