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Guest Post: Clue Into Near West Theatre and Win!

I wanted to begin 2012 refreshed so Scott and I are taking a road trip to Austin to see two of our favorite Clevelanders. While we’re in the live music capital of the world, I leave you in the very capable hands of a few local bloggers I enjoy.

And with my love for Cleveland’s theatre community, I figured what better way to kick off the guest posts than by clue-ing into Near West Theatre with Sara at Finding the Time?  Plus, she’s hosting a giveaway for tickets to their 2012 benefit – enjoy!

Hi, I’m Sara from a little blog called Finding the Time I’m thrilled to be stopping in to guest post at Clue into Cleveland while Amanda and her husband hit the road.  I actually met Scott 5 years ago in Philadelphia when we both worked at the Walnut Street Theatre.  A native Clevelander myself, I was floored when I found out Scott was moving here and even more amazed when I saw him again years later at the kick-off event for last year’s Jump Back Ball.  Through Scott, Jump Back Ball and our mutual love of blogging, I found that Amanda and I have quite a bit in common.

I’m here today to tell you a little bit about one of my favorite places, Near West Theatre.  You may not have heard of Near West Theatre – lots of theatre-loving Clevelanders haven’t, and it’s truly a shame as Near West Theatre has been putting on high-quality production and fostering their mission of community engagement for over 30 years.

I feel the need for a bit of a disclaimer at this point.  I used to work for Near West Theatre.  Upon my return toCleveland after working at the Walnut, I was hired there and spent 4 amazing years as their Marketing Associate and Office Manager.  That said, I don’t work there anymore, and wouldn’t be promoting them to you CiC readers, if I didn’t love what they do.

Near West Theatre started in 1978 with a teen’s summer theatre production of Godspell.  Founder and Executive Director Stephanie Morrison-Hrbek was given an $800 grant to put on the production in the 3rd floor ballroom of St. Patrick’s Club Building with 13 teens from Urban Community School.  The program was an outlet to keep kids off the street during the summer and show the adults of the neighborhood that they could do something productive.  Each summer since (including this summer with their 34th Annual Summer Youth Theatre production of Miss Saigon) an ever growing and changing group of teens make the trek up the stairs to that ballroom and audiences flock to see them perform.

Near West Theatre’s 2011 Benefit at Trinity Cathedral

Since that first summer, Near West Theatre has been growing … quietly.  Expanding their season and programming (they now have 3 main stage productions with casts that range from age 7-70!), attracting new talent and setting a standard as not only a location for exceptional theatre but a place where actors go for a completely unique experience.  That’s because at Near West Theatre, you don’t just put on a play.  You explore the content, connect with your fellow cast members and build community through your work.  Entire weeks of the rehearsal process are dedicated to team building – something practically unheard of in the theatre world – and this process (perfected over 20 years by Artistic Director, Bob Navis Jr.) is what draws actors and audiences in and, ultimately, what keeps them coming back.

Today, after 33 seasons, Near West Theatre is still at St. Patrick’s Club Building – a space they outgrew years ago.  However, they are currently in the process of raising money to build a new space at W. 68th St. & Detroit Ave. in the Gordon Square Arts District.  This new space will allow them to expand programming, serve more of the community and explore new works.

Want to get in on the act?  Near West Theatre’s 2012 Benefit, “Consider Yourself One of Us,” is right around the corner!  Taking place January 28th at Trinity Cathedral, this is an event that you are not going to want to miss. The night includes an energetic performance by Near West cast members,  fabulous drinks, delicious food (provided by Euro USA and prepared by Spice of Life Catering Co.), desserts by Gypsy Beans & Baking Co., dancing with a live DJ and silent auction & raffle highlighting the best that Cleveland has to offer.  Oh and I’ll be there so that’s cool too, right???  Tickets are $85 and can be purchased by visiting the Near West Theatre website.


Wanna win free tickets?  Near West Theatre has given me 2 tickets to give away to a very lucky Clue Into Cleveland/Finding the Time reader!  There are two easy ways to enter:

  1. Hop over to this post on Finding the Time and say “Hi!”  Be sure to let me know that Clue into Cleveland sent you!
  2. Like Near West Theatre on Facebook (and leave an additional comment on that Finding the Time post to let me know you did!)

The winner will be selected by Random.org and announced on Finding the Time on January 13th so be sure to check back in and see if you’ve won!

Disclosure: I (Sara) was provided by Near West Theatre with 2 tickets to give away and 2 tickets for myself for promoting the event.  All opinions are 100% my own.

Guest Post: Namaste or Should I Go to Cleveland? Bikram Yoga Arrives!

While I’m enjoying a weekend with my incredible in-laws in New Jersey, a friend from my Philly theatre days shares how Bikram Yoga’s recent arrival in Ohio led her to “flee to the Cleve.” I’ll be back Monday with an (overdue) recap of my first attempt at a Cleveland Clam Bake!


Danielle shares her love for Bikram Yoga at Bikram Yoga Cleveland -- Ohio's first studio of its kind.

Hello Clue into Cleveland readers!   In another lifetime, Amanda and I were theatre nerds together in Philadelphia through the Walnut Street Theatre’s apprenticeship program.  She was having nightmares over A Christmas Carol‘s group sales, while I was getting shoes thrown at me from irate CATS audience members. 

Fast forward six years and Amanda is loving life in Cleveland as a skilled and successful editor lady, while I’ve been fundraising for nonprofits myself – and getting hooked on Bikram Yoga – in San Francisco.   

My Bikram Yoga addiction led me to an intensive nine-week yoga teacher training program in Los Angeles with Bikram Choudhury himself this past summer, but when I returned to SF I knew I couldn’t teach full time in San Francisco for long before I’d go broke and be living in a box, offering yoga lessons for spare change. 

That’s when I discovered Bikram Yoga Cleveland – a brand new studio opening in September 2011, the very first official Bikram studio in all of Ohio!  I had some wonderful phone conversations with the owner, Jeannine LoConti, and it sounded like a great fit – and I really liked the idea of being a part of a new yoga studio right from the beginning.  So I stuffed my car to the brim, drove across the country…and here I am! 

Now Amanda has generously given me a bit of time and space to introduce you, her loyal readers, to Bikram Yoga Cleveland!  Hopefully I’ll convince you to come check out our clean and beautiful, welcoming studio! 

The newly opened Bikram Yoga Cleveland in Shaker Heights

We start, of course, with…What is Bikram Yoga?

Bikram Yoga is a sequence of 26 Hatha Yoga postures (and two breathing exercises) selected and developed by Bikram Choudhury.  These postures, performed in the same order each 90 minute class, systematically work every part of the body, to give all the internal organs, ligaments, and muscles everything they need to maintain optimum health and maximum function. 

And yes, it’s hot in there; we heat the room to 105 degrees with 40% humidity. 

The heat in Bikram Yoga helps students safely get into poses like these

Wait, what?  105 degrees?!

Bikram likes to use the metaphor of forging a sword to explain the need for heat (I’m quoting from his “Bikram’s Beginning Yoga Class” book): “Suppose you are going to make a sword.  You start with a piece of fine steel and the first thing you do is put the steel in the fire and heat it up.  When the steel is hot, it becomes soft.  Then you can hammer it and slowly you make it change shape to the sword you want…now, if you don’t heat it up and start hammering the cold steel, nothing is going to happen to the steel, but you break your hand, the hammer, your arm.  The same thing happens when you do any exercise, even Hatha Yoga, in a cold environment.” 

The heat makes you less likely to strain, to pull a muscle, to hurt yourself.  You’re more flexible and malleable, just like that fine piece of steel. 

Also, when you exercise in a hot, humid room, you sweat.  You sweat a lot.  And that has such a wonderful, detoxifying effect on your whole body.  When you walk out of that room, and you’ve worked every muscle and joint in your body and sweated out every toxin, you will feel AMAZING.  There’s no high like a Bikram Yoga high, I promise you that! 

Bikram Yoga Cleveland’s studio space

So what do I actually get out of it besides this “yoga high” business?

Weight loss, reduced stress, better endurance, more energy, improved immunity, a stronger heart, expanded lung capacity, relief of chronic pain, toned muscles, prevention and rehabilitation of injuries, detoxification, increased balance, strength and flexibility, increased willpower and mental strength…to name a few! 

That all sounds marvelous, but I’m a beginner and I’m frightened.

Don’t be!  The great thing about Bikram Yoga Cleveland is that because we’ve only just opened, we have a wonderful mix of beginners and advanced students alike.  And because every class is structured the same, you’ll feel more familiar with the poses and start seeing improvements in balance, strength and flexibility within only a week or two!  

Besides, in Bikram Yoga it doesn’t matter how flexible you are, how close you can get to the full expression of the posture – as long as you’re doing it 100% the right way, you’re getting 100% of the benefit, regardless of how deep you can go, how long you can balance.  Bikram Yoga is for everyone!  After all, as Bikram says, “you’re never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to do the yoga and start from the scratch once again.” 

Before or after a Bikram class, there's a lounge and shop to peruse

Okay, I admit it, I’m intrigued.  How do I learn more?

There’s lots of useful information on our website, http://bikramcle.com/.   And stop by any time, we’re happy to answer any questions!  We’re located on Fairmount Circle by John Carroll University.  There’s plenty of free parking in the adjacent lot. 

See you in the hot room! 

– Danielle

When she’s not teaching or practicing yoga, Danielle is blogging about it at namasteorshouldigo.blogspot.com.


Guest Post: iNeedaPlaydate Clues Into the Cleveland Ingenuity Fest

Happy Thursday! While I show my sister around Cleveland for the first time in 2 and a half years, Mary from iNeed a Playdate (and my partner in the Flippin’ Good Deeds Challenge) is guest blogging today about her family’s favorite moments at last weekend’s IngenuityFest.

Enjoy! And remember if you like cars, planes and motorcycles, today’s the last day to enter the Piston Power Show Giveaway.

Ingenuity Fest. When I first heard the name it wasn’t immediately the kind of name that invokes the hip, fun, interactive art and technology show that it is or has become in the last six years.  

I remember when the Husband came home one fall day a couple years ago and said, “Hey let’s go look at art under the bridge…” Okay, maybe he did  not say that exactly but he might as well have because that is exactly what it is – art under the Detroit Superior Bridge.

 The Detroit Superior Bridge connects Detroit Avenue from the west to Downtown’s Superior Avenue going east over the Cuyahoga River.  On Veterans Day, November 11, 1989, the Detroit Superior was officially renamed the Veterans Memorial Bridge but I guarantee that if you said that to most Clevelanders they would ask where it was and respond, “Oh, you mean the Detroit Superior!”  When the construction was completed in 1918, it was the largest steel and concrete reinforced bridge in the world. 

In addition to the bridge being a major vein connecting the west side of Cleveland to Downtown, beneath the bridge is a huge space with the most unique view of the Cleveland skyline. On either end of the bridge include what’s left of the former streetcar line along with reminders of a different time — a subway station, dark tunnels and pieces of old tracks.  This is where Ingenuity Fest is held.

The first time I attended Ingenuity Fest, I was mostly fascinated by the unique opportunity to explore what used to be. However, the more I took in all that was there now — the amazing exhibits and the music, I was in awe and hooked!

Although there was also a lot to see this year, with a toddler and four school-aged children, we spent the majority of our time beneath the bridge.  Between the magician, Ray Raymond, who sliced a lime to reveal a $20, and the Art is Therapy exhibit, where they made a wind sock out of recycled water bottles, the children were very much happy and occupied. 

They also happily banged on the drums of the Community Light Beacons demonstration by The Kinetic Light Drum project, described as “a visual, social and scientific exploration of alternative power generation and personal expression.”  The drums convert sound vibrations to light using sensitive speakers and ultra bright LEDs. Or in the words of a third grader, “This is so cool!  I bang; it lights!”

My personal favorite exhibits were I <3 and Currents.  Currents, inspired by the theme of this year’s Ingenuity Fest, amplified the 3 layers of currents that give the Detroit Superior Bridge its life during the festival: the bridge, the people and the river.  You could not only hear the sounds of the bridge through bone conduction headsets, but also see through a real time projection on the ceiling of the bridge. 

The I <3 interactive installation was five hearts, symbolically representing the “life” hearts in video games (such as Zelda), “powered” by the twitter hashtag #ingenuityfest and the life on the bridge.  All five hearts glowed red once 2000 tweets with that hastag were sent via twitter.  I love twitter so you better believe that I was tweeting while I was there and even when I got home.  By the time we left on Saturday night, 3 1/2 of the hearts were glowing and by the end of the festival all five of the hearts were illuminated. 

If you missed out and are feeling a little jealous – you should (kidding!). But never fear, it will back next year and probably bigger and better. 

About the Guest Author: Mary Johnson

Mary Johnson is the wife & mom behind iNeedaPlaydate.blogspot.com where she blogs between working full time and attempting (albeit half heartedly) to do the laundry.  Her topics range from random thoughts, stories from her life and the world around her, and the occasional product review thrown in for good measure. Follow her on Twitter @mryjhnsn.

Guest Post on Poise in Parma about PlayhouseSquare's International Children's Festival

In honor of the International Children's Festival's theme, I was happy to share my experience from this weekend on PoiseInParma.com

This past weekend I was really happy to be able to volunteer at the 2nd Annual International Children’s Festival through PlayhouseSquare Partners.

So when blend (blogger friend) Alicia from Poise in Parma asked me to guest blog during her crazy busy May, I knew immediately I wanted to blog about my experience at the Festival and my involvement in Partners.

Read the post here: Guest Post: Clue Into Cleveland on PlayhouseSquare Partners.

One of the reasons Alicia is so busy this month is that as the Director of Special Events for the Northeastern Ohio Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation, she’ll be rocking out the 17th annual Cleveland Magazine Silver Spoon Awards Party, whose proceeds benefit the Arthritis Foundation.

The strolling food and wine tasting event on May 26 at the Cleveland Marriott Downtown will feature thirty of Northeast Ohio’s best restaurants and eight international wineries (check out the full list of participating restaurants).

General admission tickets are $85/VIP tickets are $135 which go to support local programs and services for the nearly one and a half million Northeast Ohioans with doctor-diagnosed arthritis and the critical arthritis research conducted at local institutions in Northeastern Ohio.

You can purchase Silver Spoon tickets here and should follow Alicia on Poise in Parma as she shares her journey to find balance in this crazy town between her family, career, food, fitness and one amazing golden retriever, as well as the discoveries she makes in Believeland along the way.

And, if you haven’t entered my Mini Golf Par-Tee giveaway, you have until 11:59pm on Wednesday.  Twitter users can get an extra entry each day for tweeting  so if you’ve already entered – you have 3 more chances to tweet it today, Tuesday and Wednesday. Good luck!

Guest Post: iNeedaPlaydate's Spring Break Trip to the Great Lakes Science Center

To say Cleveland is a diverse community would be an understatement. Because of the city’s different interests and strengths, blogging about an assortment of topics is something I strive for.

I’m the first to admit I could do a better job at this. Subsequently, when my coworker and fellow Ohio Blogger Mary Johnson tweeted me about reviewing her trip to Downtown Cleveland’s Great Lakes Science Center, I was overjoyed. 

Mary is an amazing mother of two (follow her journey at iNeedaPlaydate) and I’m happy she chose to spotlight such a family-friendly venue on Clue Into Cleveland.  Even though Scott and I don’t have kids (yet), Mary’s review of the Science Center has us planning a visit there very soon!

– Amanda


Nothing says spring break like an Educational Field Trip!  At least, not in my house growing up … Spring break meant lazy days at the Grandparents or – if my parents were feeling adventurous – maybe opening up the camper early. But taking us to museums much less ones about science … not so much. 

Of course, it never even occurred to me as a mom, now, that these would be fun places to go until talking with another mom who is a *gasp* Great Lakes Science Center member?!? 

Really…?  A science museum…?  And, you say Cleveland has a great one no less?  I had to check this out!  But… my son, who is in kindergarten and I refer to as the Kindergartner on my blog, has a favorite go-to place for fun and convincing him that we were going to a science museum was not going to be an easy sell. 

The Children's Museum (pictured) was the Kindergartner and his little sister's favorite place until they visited the Great Lakes Science Center. Now we have a second favorite.

You see, his favorite place is the Children’s Museum, which is an amazing, fun place to explore.  They have a rotating exhibit on the main floor, which right now is the Egyptian Sands exhibit (there till May) and then, in the basement, is the main attraction.  At least for the Kindergartner, it is the main attraction – they have an exhibit called Bridges to Our Community

In this exhibit, besides a house, a doctor’s office, a bus, a grocery store, a bank and a few other “places” they can play in, there is the Kindergartner’s “most favorite thing in the whole world” – a working stoplight.  Yes, friends, my son is obsessed with stoplights.  If there was a stronger word for obsession, I would use it. The Children’s Museum has one and he gets to play with it!  Do you see why this whole science thing will be a hard sell?

When I told him of the plans I was surprised at how easy it was to convince him to go. Well, after I explained to him where it was located and that it was the place with the giant windmill … he was intrigued.  It also helped that second only to his obsession to stoplights (oh and train crossing signs, it’s a tie) is his love of anything in downtown Cleveland, which happens to have a lot of stoplights.

The very first thing he wanted to do when we arrived at the Great Lakes Science Center was to check out the wind turbine that actually produces, with the help of the 300 feet of solar canopy, 6% of the power used at the science center.  He was absolutely amazed by that and by the immense size of the wind turbine (150 feet tall).  It was hard to convince him to go into the actual science center but pointing out the huge solar panels we had to walk under and the magical revolving doors that sense when we wanted to go in was a big draw to get him in the building.

Once inside, I was stunned by the size.  It did not look that big from the outside.  The stats from their website are really impressive. I was also impressed and I admit, grateful, that the ticket prices were reasonable and after spending the entire day there – so worth every penny.  And… baby was free! 

The Kindergartner measures up against the Great Lakes Science Center's wind turbine.

Before I go further I am also going to mention that the Kindergartner made a friend and this friend and his family were going to see Tornado Ally at the OMNIMAX® Theater.  It was not my intention to spend more money than I had to especially if he was not going to want to see it … but he has a friend and they were going … so I got in line to buy tickets. 

Now, by this point, we had already been here some time and my original receipt was locked away in one of the lockers the Science Center has for rent so I was expecting to pay full price for two tickets to see this movie.  But… I did not!  They gave me the pick of two price difference!  WooHoo!  Score!  I did not have to pay full price!

The movie, by the way, was very cool.  The baby was even mesmerized for most of the movie and it was the first time I got to see a whole movie, sitting, in a long time.  I cannot wait to see Born to Be Wild (yes, we are returning), which is about orphaned animals in Africa living with humans. 

The OMNIMAX® Theater is something that just has to be experienced.  It is a smaller theater than a traditional one and you get the feeling of being immersed into the movie.  It felt like we were in the storm but it was also a little deceptive because it did not really discuss the human impact of the storm until the end.  With only watching the tornado chasers searching for the next storm, the Kindergartner wanted to visit Tornado Ally for vacation.  It was not til the end when you can see the destruction and it feels like you are in the middle of it that he decided against going there for a vacation.

Keep in mind that the movie was just 45 minutes out of our entire day there (an hour if you count the 15-minute wait to get into the theater).  I would say that the majority of our time was spent between the Science Phenomena Floor and the Polymer Funhouse

We also checked out the NASA Glenn Visitor Center and very briefly the Biomedical Technology Gallery.  For those of us who grew up in Cleveland and took field trips to NASA you will recognize the NASA Glenn Visitor Center as just that – the lobby from NASA transported to the science center.  They closed the lobby and brought it to the science center.  When I heard about it on the news, I was a little sad but after walking through it and then being able to go off and see other things, I realized the wisdom of their decision. 

Both the Kindergartner and his baby sister enjoyed playing in the Science Center's Polymer Funhouse.

I knew from the website that Polymer Funhouse was going to be popular so I was prepared to spend a lot of our time playing in the ball pit but I was not prepared for how neat it would actually be to play with in person.  Granted, I was not actually allowed in the pit because it is meant for the seven and under bunch but it was a joy to watch the Kindergartner learn about cause and effect and even teamwork as he worked with the other kids to fill the overhead bin with balls using a pulley system, a ball canon and their own ingenuity and then stand under the contraption while another kid pulled the release to let down a flood of balls.  Of course, the Kindergartner was in the middle of it all. 

There was a quieter end of the ball pit that the baby could play in without being trampled on and there was even a… thing (for lack of a better word) that is constantly blowing air so you can balance the balls in the of stream air and watch them float. The baby also enjoyed an exhibit that was created with PCP pipes and you drop balls into one of three locations and watch them roll down the pipes.  She would sit in the middle of it and hand the balls to the kids who walk by and each and every one of them would oblige her and drop the balls so she could watch them roll down, again and again and again. 

Those are just two of the many different things you get to touch and explore in the funhouse.  It is a socks-only area of fun and in the summer they expand it to some water fun on the deck that overlooks the North Coast Harbor. 

The Great Lakes Science Center even had a stoplight exhibit - definitely a winner for our family!

I wish I had a better vocabulary to describe all the cool things they have there but alas… I don’t and I have failed to mention that except for the funhouse – all exhibits are open to all ages!  I would also say that 100% of the exhibits are interactive in some sort of way. 

There is literally something for everyone whether you are interested in music, weather, bubbles, anatomy, space… 

Remember when I told you about the Kindergartner’s obsession with stoplights?  Guess what they have there?  If you said, “an entire exhibit dedicated to stoplights and how they work” you would be absolutely right.  See, something for everyone.

So dear readers of Clue into Cleveland… don’t walk but run to the Great Lakes Science Center.  It is worth every penny of the membership.


About the Guest Author: Mary Johnson

Mary Johnson is the wife & mom behind iNeedaPlaydate.blogspot.com where she blogs between working full time and attempting (albeit half heartedly) to do the laundry.  Her topics range from random thoughts, stories from her life and the world around her, and the occasional product review thrown in for good measure. Follow her on Twitter @marirene74.

Guest Post – Orchid Mania: Purple Reign comes to the Cleveland Botanical Garden

One of the things I enjoy about Clue Into Cleveland is when someone offers to share their CLE experiences with me.  So, when my friend Elizabeth asked if she could write about the Botanical Garden’s Orchid Mania show, I immediately said yes.

You may remember Elizabeth from her previous Clue Into Cleveland contributions: People-Watching Spots in Coventry and Celebrating Jewish Culture at the Maltz Museum. You can also follow her on Twitter @egrepp and @cleyogi. With our shared love of the Cleveland Botanical Garden, having her write this was a natural fit. Enjoy!

– Amanda


I love Orchids and I love the Cleveland Botanical Garden. When I discovered that the annual event Orchid Mania: Purple Reign was happening while a friend would be visiting it seemed serendipitous. I made an executive decision to Cleveland Botanical Gardensvisit while she was here. I then begged Amanda to write about it, even though she just wrote an entry about the place last month. She kindly appeased me. I visited with my out of town friend the first weekend in March.

The Botanical Garden was much more crowded then it has been during previous visits; a true testament to the popularity of the annual happening. The lobby of the Botanical Garden was filled with a temporary display of different types of orchids. Orchids littered both permanent exhibits in a photographer’s heaven. In fact, there were many people wandering the gardens with fancy cameras. Ours was not nearly as fancy but even an amateur photographer can get beautiful shots because the flowers are featured seamlessly in the exhibits. I absolutely loved the new twist and ascetic achieved through the addition of the lovely Orchids.

Anyone who is a member of the Cleveland Botanical Garden can participate in the sale of Orchids after the event. Color me jealous! Sadly, I’ve killed two Orchids in the past four years. After seeing more of these amazing plants, I was determined to give it another go; hoping that I really haven’t inherited my mother’s “black thumb”.

Luckily, there were vendors selling plants and even a glass greenhouse. Those who were participating were Borlin’s Orchids, Carter’s Greenhouse, Windswept in Time, Storehouse Tea Company and Boko Botanicals. I tried some of the tea from Storehouse and will be purchasing some of their tea from their website. I stopped by Borlin’s Orchids display, confessed my poor luck with previous flowers and asked what they’d recommend for someone like me. I spoke with a very knowledgeable gentleman. I am almost positive it was the owner Louis, who went through all of my different options. I opted for a kind that needs less watering. I must admit I don’t remember the type but I was told if I take good care of it that it will flower in another six months. So, I am crossing my fingers that in 6 months I will have taken good enough care of little Olivia that she’ll give me some more flowers!

I would highly suggest visiting the Cleveland Botanical Gardens during this event, even if Orchids aren’t your “thing.” Orchid Mania extends through the end of March. Hours for the Botanical Garden are 10:00 am – 5:00 pm and they are closed on Mondays. Adults are $8.50 and children are $3.00.


Have a Cleveland adventure you’d like to share on Clue Into Cleveland? Tweet me @ADHicken or send me an email at clueintocleveland (at) gmail (dot) com.


Cleveland Botanical Garden 411: