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Three Questions for the Ohio Festivals Blog’s 300th Festival

When I posted last week’s Cleveland blogs roundup, I left out one blogger who’s celebrating a milestone because I figured this deserves a post of its own:

Kristian Campana of OhioFestivals.net (left) at the Pawpaw Festival

Kristian Campana of OhioFestivals.net (left) at the Pawpaw Festival

After driving over 20,000 miles through almost all 88 Ohio counties, Kristian Campana of OhioFestivals.net is celebrating his 300th Ohio Festival!

On November 22nd, he’ll visit Wooster, Ohio for their Festival of Trees.

This is the latest in a long string of festivals Kristian has attended, themed around pawpaws, skunks, pork rinds, twins, moonshine and giants. Along the way, he has entered eating contests, judged festival competitions, shared his experiences on radio and television, spoken at the Ohio Festivals and Events Association, and began writing a festival column in Edible Cleveland magazine.

As an accountant and Italian translator by day, blogging about festivals since 2009 has given Kristian the chance to use his Creative Writing MFA. 

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