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Clue Into Cleveland Blogs, the Superman Day Edition

A few reminders:

  • Today’s the last day to enter my Tri-C JazzFest Giveaway. Enter here and remember to tweet daily for additional entries.
  • As I posted yesterday, today is also Superman Day! Here’s a story on NPR about Superman and Cleveland and here’s my #SuperCLE contribution:
Superman Day

Traveling Hulk got his hands on a red cape in honor of Superman Day. Up-up-and-away!

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about wanting to read more blogs and how I decided to start a regular Clue Into Cleveland Blogs round-up to get myself back in the habit.

I lied, though. I promised I’d be back every other week with this and I couldn’t even get past the first round-up without a delay. #BlogFail.

However, I’m a believer in try-try-again. So here we are – better late than never – my round-up of 10 posts I’ve recently enjoyed from blogs around Cleveland!

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Wordless Wednesday: Celebrate Superman Day, April 18

Some blog-keeping: Have you entered to win 2 tickets to the Cleveland JazzFest? You can tweet daily for additional entries.

How super are you? Show the world tomorrow, April 18, 2013:
Cleveland’s official Superman Day!

Superman Day Cleveland


Long before Avengers filmed here, young Clevelanders Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster put our city in the pop culture history books with their creation of the Man of Steel.

When Action Comics #1 was first published on April 18, 1938, Krypton’s son set the stage for so many other comic book greats from Cleveland.

To celebrate, the City of Cleveland has declared tomorrow Superman Day and wants you to show off your Super spirit.

Snap a photo of your best Superman pose, costume, landmark, paraphernalia or collection. Then Tweet or Instagram your photos with the #SuperCLE hashtag. 

Not on Twitter or Instagram? Email them to communications@city.cleveland.oh.us.

Learn more about this and other Super stuff at http://tackk.com/supermanday2013.