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Jump Back Ball 21: One Last Trip Through the Looking Glass

Another Jump Back Ball is in the books!  This past Saturday was the culmination of a lot of people’s hard work and months of planning. And after spending the last few weeks living and breathing nothing but Jump Back Ball, I needed to take some time to step back and recover before I posted my pictures.  Better late than never, though.  Enjoy!


I love “before pictures” so here’s one of the State Theatre before we set everything up last Friday:

On Saturday night we were ready to party – as were 1000 other people. By the time we got to the Palace Theatre for the VIP hour, everything was in full swing:

The fact that AMP 150 catered VIP was honestly worth the price of my ticket alone. I was blown away by (and, as a co-chair, incredibly grateful for) how they went above-and-beyond with everything.

First off, they really got into the spirit of the event with some really whimsical centerpieces:

And as always, their food lived up to its expectations:

My favorites were the mushroom soup and the chai latte shots with vodka.  I had a couple of both, whereas Scott may have taken 4 or more shares of the pork belly.

I’m glad that I was able to find AMP 150′s Nathan White by the end of the evening to share my praise. He and Chef Jeff Jarrett rocked everything out.

As the dimming lights signaled the end of VIP, this is the scene we walked into in the State Theatre:

The backdrop and hanging toadstools were some of my favorite decorations of the evening, with the exception of maybe this:

Scott had helped make this smoking Caterpillar, so I’m glad our friend Sarah grabbed a photo of it because we completely forgot!

Before the first band went on, we entertained ourselves by marveling at the stilt artist:

and playing games like the Card Cannon:

After I switched into flats, I spent the majority of my evening dancing to Radioactive:

(I may have been dragged up on stage by my co-chair Meredith, but you’ll have to check out WhyCLE’s blog post to see my fleeting moment of rockstardom!)

After tiring myself out on the dance floor, we moved into the State Theatre lobby where I spent a lot of time at the Raffle tables while Tricky Dick and the Coverups played:

Although I didn’t have a chance to sample Sammy’s ‘Eat Me’ cake, I did snap a photo before it was devoured (I wish I had had a birthday cake like that when I was a kid):

Speaking of devouring, Scott may have drank his weight in free Labatt – just so he could collect enough beer koozies for life:

Of course, hanging out with friends and meeting new ones was the real highlight of the evening. A few of my favorites:

Despite the sinus infection from hell, this year’s Jump Back Ball was a lot of fun – made even better by opening up my email this week and reading we raised over $125,000 for PlayhouseSquare.

If you’d like to help out with next year’s Jump Back Ball, PlayhouseSquare Partners offers a great opportunity to get a hands-on and behind the scenes look.

Learn more about Partners here and save the date for next year’s Jump Back Ball: February 23, 2013!

Read more Jump Back Ball reviews:

**Because half of my photos came out really fuzzy, a special thanks to Jen from WhyCLE for the last three group shots and my friend Sarah Casto for the photos of the caterpillar, Scott’s beer koozie madness and the only photo I can find of the two of us.** 

Jump Back Ball 2012 Ticket Kickoff – Nov. 3

A couple months ago at PlayhouseSquare’s Young Professionals Movie Night, I was happy to join my fellow Jump Back Ball co-chair Meredith in announcing the theme of this year’s Jump Back Ball:

Jump Back Through the Looking Glass

The planning has been amping up since then — as we recreate the whimsical world of Alice in Wonderland in PlayhouseSquare’s theatres and gather items for the auctions and raffles.

On November 3rd at Market Garden Brewery, you’ll have your first opportunity to purchase tickets at our Ticket Kickoff Happy Hour.  From 6-8pm, enjoy complimentary appetizers, drink specials, prizes and the best deal on Jump Back Ball tickets. 

Why should you buy your Jump Back Ball ticket at the Ticket Kickoff Party?

  • You’ll save the most money. Tickets will be $130 ($105 if you join Partners) at the Kickoff. The next morning, the ticket price goes up to $150 ($125 for Partners) when they go on sale online.
  • No handling fees. When the ticket price goes up the next day, each ticket will also have a handling fee. But if you buy tickets in person at the Kickoff Happy Hour, you don’t have to worry about any fees.
  • You can sign up for a payment plan. I really like the payment plan option. I used it last year and plan on using it again this year — breaking my purchase up between the months makes it a lot easier on my bank account.
  • Last year’s event sold out really early. If you want to go to Jump Back Ball, don’t wait — each year the event sells out and last year’s Jump Back Ball sold out almost a month before the event.  The earlier you purchase tickets, you’ll not just save money but also secure your spot.

If you haven’t attended Jump Back Ball in the past, it’s an evening of fine food, drinks and entertainment wrapped in a creative spirit. The State Theatre at PlayhouseSquare will be transformed into the world of Alice in Wonderland, with guests invited to dress up either in their finest or a theme-inspired costume.

It’s also PlayhouseSquare’s largest fundraiser with the partially tax-deductible ticket supporting the theatre’s non-profit mission.

Here’s my recap of last year’s Jump Back Ball – I’m excited to go from attending and blogging last year to co-chairing the event this year. Stop by and say hi on November 3rd when you get your tickets to Jump Back Through the Looking Glass!

And if you’re interested in PlayhouseSquare Partners — the young professionals group that hosts Jump Back Ball, check out our next Happy Hour this Thursday at Chinato and the OSU vs. Penn State Viewing Party on Nov. 19.

Jump Back Ball 411: